September 19, 2018

When there is doubt, there is no doubt.

– via Tim Ferriss


Pavel’s Plank

September 8, 2018

To express max strength one must learn to maximally contract all the muscles at once and hold nothing back. To develop muscular endurance one must learn to use as few muscles as possible and the least effort.

The conflict is obvious.


September 3, 2018

Power doesn’t travel – first rule in business and war.

– Luke Cage series

Maharishi and the Devil

August 31, 2018

Let me share an amusing incident I witnessed myself.
It must have been in the winter of 1975-1976. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was giving a very well attended public lecture in a huge hall in Antwerp, Belgium.

At one moment during the Q&A session, right behind me a man stood up: with a face red with anger, he started to declamate biblical verses on sin, Satan and hell. His rambling in Dutch went on and on. Finally he kept silent.

All the while, Maharishi remained very calm. He only said a few times: ‘translate’. But my friend Nico the translator didn’t dare to translate these words full of hate and anger.

Maharishi kept quiet. Finally after a silence of about 2 minutes, Maharishi said with a lot of force: ‘Every religion which speaks about the devil is a religion of the devil!’

The hall exploded…..

– Dirk Gysels


August 17, 2018

Purify Yourself by a well-ordered and useful life. What are your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. This will clear your vision.

~Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj


August 15, 2018

Whenever you study or contemplate the Dharma, do not rely on the words, but rely on the meaning. If the meaning is understood, then regardless of the speaker’s style, there will be no conflict.

~ Mipham Rinpoche


August 8, 2018

“When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety; If I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me and without pain. From this I understand that what I want, also wants me, is looking for me and attracting me. There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it.” – Rumi

The secret of prosperity is to affirm your true, abundant nature, the true fact of your plenitude. Be contented and put a notice on your mind: “No admission for any desire”. The moment a desire arises, just reject it. Say, “Desire! Get out!” And then you will begin to experience that the desired object comes by itself to you. As long as you run after a thing, you cannot get it. The moment you turn away from a thing, it follows you by itself. This is an Eternal Law. This is a law which has been proven in the lives of all those who have discovered it and applied it to themselves. – Swami Chidananda

Gurudev has always said, “Try always to nip the desire in the bud. When a desire comes in the form of a ripple, try to liquidate it then and there itself. But if due to lack of your vigilance it takes the form of a desire, see that it is not fulfilled. Do not make Cheshta outwardly. If a desire comes, ‘I could go and gossip,’ say, ‘No,’ “I will not allow the body to move.” If the body does not move, the mind is helpless, and ultimately the reverse process will happen. The desire will sink back into the mind and there will be calmness. – Swami Chidananda