The Yin and Yang of Enlightenment

Knowledge of yin and yang also brings enlightenment. In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali says “Through samyama (meditation) on the distinction between buddhi (intellect) and purusha (pure consciousness), comes knowledge of purusha (pure consciousness).” (3.35)

This theme of distinguishing between two is repeated many times in Vedic texts. By knowledge of the distinction between the intellect and transcendent, between the Self and the non-Self, between the moving and the unmoving, between the permanent and the transient, between the manifest and unmanifest. All these are synonyms for the same thing: yin and yang.

Whilst the instruction to make this distinction is simple, it is not easy. If you apply yourself sincerely over a long period of time the effects of this meditation will have a profoundly purifying effect on your psyche and nervous system.

I cannot overstate just how profound and powerful this knowledge is. This is what the sage Patanjali has to say about it: “Solely from perception of the distinction between buddhi and purusha comes all-knowingness and supremacy over all that exists.” (3.49)

Why is it so powerful? It is like nuclear physics – the deeper the level of creation that we go to, the closer we get to the Unified Field, the more power and orderliness we find. It is exactly the same with our awareness. The deeper we go within towards pure consciousness (which is the Unified Field) the more power and orderliness we find.

In the end we do not gain power over nature, we find that we are the power of nature. And Patanjali says this comes “solely from perception”. Perception of what? Perception that we are not different from the Absolute Reality.

What does someone with “all-knowingness and supremacy over all that exists” person look like? How do they act? There is no telling. He or she may be a cigarette vendor like Nisargadatta Maharaj, a king like Janaka, a laundryman like Trotakacharya or an accountant like Lahiri Mahasaya. You may talk with an adept and never have any idea who they really are.


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