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I have always been a very spiritually inclined person. For the past three years I have seen very close relatives die of natural causes, murder and now suicide.

I have learned the process of grieving, but with this one it has just left me with so many questions, about life in itself. I have always believed in destiny and Karma.

My question to you is: How do I make this type of death make sense to my spiritual and emotional grounding? It’s just so confusing since it’s completely unnatural.

I would appreciate any input you can give me to start on my spiritual path again.


It sounds like you have found a certain solace through the ideas of destiny and karma to help you come to terms with loss in your past. However, life events can not always be easily understood and made sense of. Being at ease with the uncertainty and mysteriousness of life is one of the greatest gifts of wisdom. This suicide may be an indication that it is time for you to let go of the need to make sense of this.

You can grieve, heal and find peace even if your mind is unable to explain or comprehend why something like this happened. If your healing and growth is dependent upon philosophies and spiritual beliefs, then you are limiting your evolution to your conditioned mind—the very thing you are trying to move beyond.

So try to use this situation as a way to accept a truth and reality that is outside the reach of your understanding—and that is okay. From here you should be able to let the natural grieving process begin.


Deepak’s point is very important: “Being at ease with the uncertainty and mysteriousness of life.” This is an essential key to inner peace because if we don’t have ease then we have anxiety and fear.


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