Bruno Groening

A couple of weeks ago I went to a public presentation by a doctor about a German spiritual healer called Bruno Groening. From about 1949 until his death in 1959 he healed many people from all kinds of illnesses from alcoholism to arthritis. Needless to say he became very popular. Curiously, remarkable healings are continuing to occur.

There is no particular method. Nor any obligations or beliefs to adopt. And it is entirely free.

In my opinion, the healings are facilitated by angels. It works in the same way as a pilgrimage to a holy place – just be exposing yourself to the location you enjoy the benefits of the intelligence that resides there.

Ongoing meetings are held around the world, including Auckland, and in cyberspace.


One Response to Bruno Groening

  1. Elisabeth Gamlen says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I am a Friend from the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends in Auckland. I found your blog in a google search while seaching for ads about our Auckland Lecture on 6th April at the Parnell Community Centre, 7:00 – 9:00pm. I am placing the internet advertising in NZ for our events.

    It was good to see your post about Bruo Groening but I just want to correct your statement that, “There is no particular method. Nor any ……beliefs to adopt.”

    In fact, people all around the world who follow the teachings of Bruno Groening use a very specific method called ‘Einstellen’ which we do at least several times daily in a particular way. We also adopt the belief that, “The divine force helps and heals” and that Bruno Groening can help us access this force, called ‘the Heilstrom’.

    Kind regards and very best wishes,

    Elisabeth Gamlen

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