Your Best Thinking

November 22, 2009

Quote of the Day from Wayne Dyer.

“I once sat in on a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous in which ten people who had been drinking most of their lives were gathered in a rehabilitation center where they had to live away from their families and loved ones. The words of a sign on the wall kept gnawing at me throughout that meeting. It read, “Your best thinking got you here.””

The End, The Beginning: A Silent Post

November 17, 2009

A response to Lune’s challenge for Zen art.

Don’t Bring I

November 15, 2009

[Sorry for all the words, Lune, but I was thinking about posting this anyway.]

A few days ago I sat and looked intently at this picture of Adi Shankara. He lived around 800AD and is one of the most revered exponents of traditional Advaita Vedanta. He strongly advocated the Vedantic principle of maya, yet still spent his life walking around India establishing monasteries for the benefit of mankind.

While looking at the picture I imagined sitting next to him, trying to imagine the scene as if I were actually there – feeling the ground, the warm air, listening to sounds. I wondered what more I could do to transpose myself into the picture when I intuited a message, “Don’t bring I”.



November 7, 2009

Here is a nice little snippet from The Divine Imperative by Emil Brunner. You can find some of it at Google Books.

Picture 1

In other words, when you have found the Kingdom of Heaven within, then you have found unconditional love and that alone is moral. You have found that which is pure, whole, true and good. This gives you the right perspective to evaluate the world around you and determine what is appropriate action in any given circumstance.

When your heart is pure, then you spontaneously know the will of God and dharma prevails.

In determining morality, there is no substitute for a pure heart. Ethics and rules are subordinate. They are like a crutch that help us to find the truth within. But ultimately they have no substance or authority. Since they are inherently arbitrary, fragmented and conflicted, they must be discarded when they have outlived their usefulness in favour of the Real.

Even though everything is God, it is also possible to act wrongly. Putting you hand into fire will burn your flesh, eating low quality food will make you sick and fighting will bring you pain. As you become more and more harmonious within, then Nature can flow through you with less and less obstruction and bring you more in accordance with natural law.

Inner stillness is the ultimate method for attuning our personhood with the flow of Nature.

The other day I talked with a spiritual healer here in Auckland. He says that his clients get healed when he relaxes into his own consciousness and remains still. After thirty years of practice, healings come much quicker even though his technique of being still hasn’t changed. Even though he isn’t doing anything as an individual, IMHO, his physiology is becoming a purer channel for the divine to flow through.

Spiritual Healing

November 3, 2009

I’ve spent a lot of time wondering how to heal the mind, body and emotions. There are so many approaches and many of them get results, but at the end of the day I have come to the same conclusion as Joan Harrigan: the best psychotherapist in the whole universe is Kundalini Shakti (a.k.a. The Holy Spirit).

Psalm 127:1 Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.

There are so many layers and aspects to human beings that it is impossible to really understand how it all works together, but fortunately the underlying intelligence of the universe that created our imbalances can fix them too.

So how do you get the help of Kundalini Shakti? The simple answer: ask and listen. Asking for help invites the higher forces of nature into our lives – call it your Higher Self, angels, guides or whatever you like. Following this intuitive guidance will open your life to miraculous events.

You may be guided to spiritual practices like yoga, chi kung, meditation, singing and other methods that create harmony in your life. Or you may feel an impulse to change your diet or job or relationship. Or you may meet the right health practitioner just through happenstance.

Your own personal effort in these matters is essential, but so is collaboration with Spirit. Trying to heal yourself by mental or physical effort alone is always going to be limited in its power. The real power lies in the intelligence and organising power of nature and by asking, listening and trusting you can avail yourself to it.

IMHO, in your search for healing, the deeper you go into spirituality the more profound the healing. There is a cascade effect when we heal an imbalance at a spiritual level – its effect carries into your mind and body.

Trying to cure your body without looking to the mind and emotions underneath is likely to bring temporary benefit only. Trying to heal the mind without opening to spirituality will keep you disconnected and ensnared in the ego.

Turning to Spirit first will relieve you of the fear of mortality, give you confidence in the goodness and wholeness of Spirit and make your way through the mental and physical healing modalities that much easier.

For example, a few years ago I broke my neck and escaped surgery through a series of miracles and serendipitous events. (It was a burst compression fracture of C7 with retropulsion). I strongly feel that I would not have made such a complete and fortunate recovery if I hadn’t trusted my intuition.

Here is another example of spiritual healing:

Last weekend a very kind-hearted friend of mine told me about a spiritual healing she’d had. For a long while she’d been deeply concerned about the social problems that are developing in New Zealand due to changes in immigration. What was once a British colony is now a melting-pot for people from Asia, India, Pacific Islands, Middle East, Africa, Russia, etc. She felt it has created a lot of marginalised people and worried about the future of the country.

She was sitting in a bus feeling sad about these problems when the thought popped into her mind, “Trust the land.” Instantly, she felt a weight leave her. She no longer felt the personal burden of trying to make NZ whole, but rather was inspired to trust nature and the divine order.

This kind of inspiration may not sound like much, but the effect on the individual is like a soothing balm that goes right to the core of the issue. The effect on her heart, mind and body is greater than anything that could come from a pill, a doctor or a contrived mindset.

One of my favourite quotes:

November 3, 2009

By Vernon Howard:

You have nothing to do. You have everything to be. People are so confused about what to do with their family affairs, love life, finances, health. And no matter what they do, nothing helps very much. Of course it doesn’t. Nothing can be truly different until the individual is different, really different internally. Doing without being is a dreadful way to spend the day, as millions know. But you can be different.

Vernon is a real character. Check him out: