Here is a nice little snippet from The Divine Imperative by Emil Brunner. You can find some of it at Google Books.

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In other words, when you have found the Kingdom of Heaven within, then you have found unconditional love and that alone is moral. You have found that which is pure, whole, true and good. This gives you the right perspective to evaluate the world around you and determine what is appropriate action in any given circumstance.

When your heart is pure, then you spontaneously know the will of God and dharma prevails.

In determining morality, there is no substitute for a pure heart. Ethics and rules are subordinate. They are like a crutch that help us to find the truth within. But ultimately they have no substance or authority. Since they are inherently arbitrary, fragmented and conflicted, they must be discarded when they have outlived their usefulness in favour of the Real.

Even though everything is God, it is also possible to act wrongly. Putting you hand into fire will burn your flesh, eating low quality food will make you sick and fighting will bring you pain. As you become more and more harmonious within, then Nature can flow through you with less and less obstruction and bring you more in accordance with natural law.

Inner stillness is the ultimate method for attuning our personhood with the flow of Nature.

The other day I talked with a spiritual healer here in Auckland. He says that his clients get healed when he relaxes into his own consciousness and remains still. After thirty years of practice, healings come much quicker even though his technique of being still hasn’t changed. Even though he isn’t doing anything as an individual, IMHO, his physiology is becoming a purer channel for the divine to flow through.


3 Responses to Morality

  1. Suzanne says:

    Isn’t the flow of nature brutal sometimes? Great raging storms, the predator stalks and kills the prey…

  2. Kiwi Yogi says:

    From an absolute point of view, as you know, everything is just fine because nothing exists, despite appearances. So ultimately there is no flow of nature, no problem.

    From a mental point of view we can say everything is fine because we understand the natural balance in manifestation; that positive and negative go hand in hand making everything neutral. Life is what it is.

    From a philosophical point of view we can say that everything is fine because all manifestation is Spirit and Spirit does not suffer sin, sickness or death. That is to say, life is bliss. Any appearances to the contrary are our misperception of the perfection of Spirit.

    From a human point of view we cannot say that everything is fine. That would be an insult to those suffering.

    IMHO the flow of nature, or lack of, is influenced by human consciousness. Some say that tornados, earthquakes, famines, plagues, wars are an out-picturing of the fear/anger/unresolved emotions held in the collective consciousness of the people.

    The Earth and its atmosphere are like the human body and the human aura. If the human mind is imbalanced then it shows up in the poor functioning of the body and disturbances in the aura. The disturbances may look like violent storms etc. By harmonising the mind, the storms in the aura disappear.

    Likewise, by harmonizing collective consciousness the weather and natural occurrences become mild, regular and balanced. It has been demonstrated that collective consciousness can be harmonized by prayer, meditation and rituals.

    A large part of the Vedic tradition is about creating harmony in society, country, weather… though most of it is done on subtle levels. This seems to be the activity of the really highly evolved souls.

    As for the predator/prey issue, the Bhagavad Gita is set on a battlefield in a civil war and Lord Krishna advises Arjuna to kill the enemy (which comprises his friends and family) and gives many reasons why this is right action: duty to overcome evil and injustice, the dead will reincarnate, nothing exists anyway, the individual is immortal…

    So I guess we need to be flexible with all the paradoxes and points of view.

    That’s my rambling for tonight… I hope it makes sense. Time for bed. ☺

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