Don’t Bring I

[Sorry for all the words, Lune, but I was thinking about posting this anyway.]

A few days ago I sat and looked intently at this picture of Adi Shankara. He lived around 800AD and is one of the most revered exponents of traditional Advaita Vedanta. He strongly advocated the Vedantic principle of maya, yet still spent his life walking around India establishing monasteries for the benefit of mankind.

While looking at the picture I imagined sitting next to him, trying to imagine the scene as if I were actually there – feeling the ground, the warm air, listening to sounds. I wondered what more I could do to transpose myself into the picture when I intuited a message, “Don’t bring I”.



4 Responses to Don’t Bring I

  1. lune says:

    Even with the words this is so powerful, no wonder so many throughout history have used icons to focus their attention on attention – a sublime message,

    thank you.

  2. Davidya says:

    Shankara has had a profound impact on many of today’s teachings. He brought clarity back to the diversity of sects and laid a new foundation of understanding. Plus the 4 Shankaracharya seats of India, kind of like the Hindi popes. His message pops up in all sorts of places. On Maya, it should be noted he talked of three kinds, depending on the dominant guna – as a covering as illusion, and as a ladder home.

    He also wrote discourses on many of the most important texts known today. Most amazing, he lived to age 33.

  3. Lots of of people write about this topic but you said really true words.

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