Fixated on the Absolute

January 17, 2010

The “absolute view” is a phrase that I picked from Adyashanti. His YouTube speech is here along with a transcription.

Here is a cut-n-paste précis taken from his full speech:

This kind of person is very, very hard to get through and this is one of the real dangers of awakening – that we grasp at a lop-sided view of awakening. We grasp at the absolute view of awakening – and we deny anything else. And as soon as we grasp at any view we have gone blind to everything else.

And so as I said it can be very, very difficult for any spiritual teacher to get someone to stop holding on to their fixation in the absolute view. It’s hard to get them to see it’s actually the ego that fixates in the absolute view.

Yes, there is the absolute view. It’s true there is no problem. It’s true there is no separate self. It’s true there is nobody to do what I am speaking about.

But I’m not speaking to the ego here. I’m not telling the ego it needs to do something or doesn’t need to do something. I’m not speaking to any sense of a separate self. What I’m speaking to is directly to the reality itself. Spirit is speaking to spirit here. Reality is speaking to reality. It may sound like I am talking to a person and directing a person but I am not. What I am speaking about here is inherent in the perception of awakening itself.

Because that which is awakened in us is compassionate. Its nature is undivided, unconditioned love. So it doesn’t move away from that which is unawakened – it moves towards it.

I would suggest the reason that so many people who get that far in their own awakening end up dedicating themselves to the welfare of others is because without denying that view, which I would call the absolute view, they also haven’t fixated into that view and so they are open to perceiving something more. They’re open to perceiving the inherent compassion of reality itself. Yes, it is uninvolved. Yes, it never goes into conflict or upset about anything. But also inherent in its nature is unconditional love, unconditional compassion.

This “unconditional compassion” is the immanent aspect of Brahman. It is the personal God – the light of all lights, the power of all powers and the intelligence of all intelligences.

Brahman: Transcendent and Immanent

January 14, 2010

Below are some snaps from Google Books of The Vedanta Way to Peace and Happiness by Swami Adiswarananda. This author was highly recommended to me and from what I’ve read he seems to be right on the money.

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