Enlightenment is Invisible

Lorraine Sinkler was a close associate of Joel Goldsmith – a very influential modern Christian mystic. She wrote a few books herself and the one which I liked the best is The Alchemy of Awareness. Here is a quote:

The silence of meditation is not the silence of a graveyard; it is the silence of a garden growing. There is no deadness in a garden, but in that all-pervading silence an intense activity is going on in the ground which will later take form as buds, blossoms, and fruit.

So, too, in meditation there is not a blankness, but a rhythmic activity of Spirit. The silence of meditation cannot be attained by will power, so never try to blank out the mind. As the mind exhausts itself the Spirit comes through, and we are in the kingdom of heaven. True, we are still on earth, our feet are solidly on the ground, but the ground is not mire and dirt of human experience; it is the holy ground of spiritual awareness.

When we discover the kingdom of God within, we behold the miracle: this earth is heaven. Our whole point of view changes: we see the world with new vision because we see beyond what the eyes see, beyond the visible to the invisible substance. The mind has become a limpid pool of water that mirrors a perfect universe.

[Definition. Limpid: clear, transparent, or pellucid, as water, crystal, or air: We could see to the very bottom of the limpid pond.]

May your mind be limpid.


One Response to Enlightenment is Invisible

  1. Suzanne says:

    The mire and dirt of human experience is also Heaven.

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