Energy Healers

There are many kinds of energy healers with many different methods – each with stories of remarkable healings. There is no doubt in my mind that spiritual and energetic healing is an effective method of treatment for some people some of the time. Whether this kind of healing works for you depends on the kind of issue you have, the practitioner, the method, your ripeness for cure and many other factors.

Many energy healers believe that the energy they work with is entirely benefic. I ask them where the energy comes from and they point vaguely at the sky and say it comes from the Divine or the Universe.

This is a warning flag to me that the practitioner may be naïve. Not all energy used in healing is purely divine. Many practitioners do not know where the energy comes from, or whether it is trustworthy or not.

For this reason you’ll never hear a healer say, “My inner guides are a group of hungry witches and I work with low-grade astral energy.”

Such a healer may honestly believe their gift is the highest God-given spirituality. They may talk about how they get their ego out of the way and let the Divine work through them, but they may be highly deluded – don’t believe them unquestioningly.

One of the problems with immature healers is they treat sick people who have bad energy and then may not know how to manage that bad energy. They may pick it up, suffer for it themselves and pass it along to other people – all without knowing what has happened.

Even highly experienced energy healers can have this problem. I know a woman who is a senior trainer for an international lightworkers school. A very wise yogi advised her to stop her practice because of the dangers involved. She refused so he taught her some techniques to at least mitigate the damage to herself and others.

So how do you find a good healer? How do you know if the method is safe? To be honest, I don’t know any definitive method. It is the same with any person you meet. How do you know who you are getting involved with? Just keep your eyes open, listen to your intuition, look for clues and don’t expect the truth to be fully revealed upfront.

Generally, I look for healers who are spiritually mature: you shall know them by their fruits. Also, I divide healers into two categories: 1) energy healers and 2) spiritual healers.

To me energy healing is like classical physics. It’s all about transfer of energy which is why classical physics is sometimes called billiard ball physics. It is a very human level of healing, which is also the realm of duality and ego.

Spiritual healing is more like quantum physics. It is a divine level of healing that acknowledges the primacy of consciousness. The method is usually prayer and surrender to the divine and is effortless. It is an impersonal method that goes beyond the concepts of “I” and “you.” Most healers will insist that this is where they operate from, but I suggest that it isn’t and you should make up your own mind.

For some fascinating insights into this whole area of healing, take a look at The Notebooks of Paul Brunton. He has great wisdom and experience and discusses spiritual healing, energy healing, mental healing, The Infinite Way, Christian Science, New Thought, yoga and more. Brunton wrote A Search in Secret India and A Search in Secret Egypt. He met many great yogis and died in 1981.


3 Responses to Energy Healers

  1. Obi Wan says:

    As it happens I am reading A Search in Secret Egypt at the moment – very interesting stuff. Previously I thought that India was the font of all civilisation on Earth but if Brunton and others (including Mr Toltec Mares) are to be believed then Atlantis presumably goes much further back………

  2. Kiwi Yogi says:

    Yes, Earth’s history is fascinating and I’m sure we’re not getting even half the true story. David Frawley has made many references to some book that has an alternative view on our history, and I think he might have written one himself. I’ll have to check them out someday. 🙂

  3. jay says:

    andrew, i don’t see your email address on your blog. can you email me? i have some questions. thanks

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