Inside Out

Everyone in your world is a reflection of your inner condition. This means that every single person you encounter – no matter how briefly or distantly – is a response to a need that you carry within you.

If a passerby gives you a kind look – you are responsible. If another driver cuts you off – you are responsible. If a bus hits a pedestrian on the other side of the road – you are responsible.

Why are you responsible?

Because you create your own reality, in the same way that you create whole worlds in your dreams at night. The same consciousness that creates your dream worlds is creating this world.

Dreams are created according to the content of your subconscious mind. So if you are having nightmares, there is no point blaming anyone in the dream. Likewise with this world – there is no point in blaming anyone for your circumstances. Your soul is the creator of your circumstances and everything that you see.

Thus improving your circumstances is a matter of improving the contents of your subconscious mind and allowing your soul to express itself without obstruction. It means clearing out all the undigested past experiences that are haunting you and showing up in your life.

Purifying your subconscious mind is the domain of yoga and meditation. These practices lead to the ability to recognize and express harmony, balance and power in life.

Thus improving your subconscious mind is the best thing you can do to help the world and the people around you. The good karma (and energy) that comes from one person doing spiritual practices is shared by many.


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