America’s Identity Crisis

America’s infatuation with masculine values is expressed in capitalism. In contrast, the USSR’s infatuation with feminine values expressed as communism. These two super-powers played off each other – each despising the other – causing them to go further to the left and right.

Now that the USSR has gone, there is nothing pushing America more and more to the right. Naturally, it is moving back towards equilibrium at the centre. America is now having to own what it previously disowned – its feminine nature: socialism.

This is terribly offensive to the American identity – as demonstrated by loud groups like the Tea Party which cling to their masculine values: independence, autonomy, look-after-yourself mentality.

America’s demonisation of the left in the past is making its road to equilibrium in the present a difficult time.


One Response to America’s Identity Crisis

  1. Before making my political commentary, I wish to embrace you as a brother in the Advaita spirit of Oneness. Indeed, the kingdom of heaven is within. Living with this knowing alone could heal the world of its painful polarities.

    As for your ideas regarding political right verus left, I do not entirely disagree with you. However, we must avoid polarized thinking and generalizations. I have known those who had lived under the Soviet regime, and I hardly find their descriptions of their life in those days consistent with feminine ideology. The sacred feminine dwells in the human heart and not in any political establishment. Meanwhile, the original concept of the Tea Party was neither masculine nor feminine. Originally, especially under Ron Paul’s guidance, the Tea Party was about liberty and a return to the most sublime and idealistic priniciples of the Founding Fathers. The Founding Fathers, though encouraging a free market economy (again liberty!), also indicated that a foundation of virtue would be needed within our society in order for the great libertarian, free-market American experiment to work. I don’t see the Founding Fathers or the Tea Party movement as masculine, at least not at its inception. (Yes, as it has become increasingly Republican controlled, it has become more influenced by money interests, which could be thought of as ‘masculine.’). The Tea Party, at its heart, is about the virtues that the Founding Fathers envisioned, and that includes spiritual-based individualism tempered by the virtue of charity. The Constitutional Republic, functioning according to its original spirit, gives us the freedom and the economic opportunity to create whatever life we wish. This can include a home-grown collective or communal lifestyle on a local level if that is what we seek. The original ideas of the Founders do not exclude feminine values, including love and caring for one’s neighbor. In fact, liberty, tempered by social responsibility, make for strong, empowered personalities who, with freedom of thought and expression, can find virtue, charity, and compassion within themselves and express it within their society. The Soviet Union was not so virtuous, nor was it so feminine or cooperative. It was ruled by quasi-dictators like any centralized power structure. So, we must be careful regarding our generalizations.

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