Swami Krishnananda’s Main Suppositions

February 26, 2012

Krishnananda proposed and expounded the following points throughout his work:

God exists.
There is only one God.
The essence of man is God.
The essence of God is Absolute.
The Absolute is Brahman which is Reality or Truth.
There is a personal God so long as the individual exists, that is, so long as there is recognition of phenomena.
There is no personal God once the individual has transcended his or her individuality, that is, once the individual ceases to recognize phenomena.
Death is not the end of the recognition of phenomena, but merely an event in the exposition of the universe, the state of which is evolutionary, forward-moving transmigration towards the Absolute.
The end of the recognition of phenomena is achieved by the extinguishment of the flames of all desire, by consciously realizing, through meditation and rational, logical discrimination, that there is nothing for which to desire, as we are already Absolute and perfect in nature.
Desire does not exist on the universal level because there is complete knowledge.
Desire exists on the particular level because there is incomplete knowledge.
Desire is the feeling of incompleteness resulting from the recognition of, and subsequent identification with, phenomena, which, by nature, are incomplete.
Recognition of phenomena is the seed of all pain and suffering.
Transmigration, or the movement of subject towards object, continues, in accordance with causal law (karma), so long as there is desire.
Subject and object are different quantitatively, that is, within the realm of phenomena.
Subject and object are non-different qualitatively, that is, outside the realm of phenomena.
Reality or Truth does not provide for subject-object duality, as it is not permissible to posit multiple “realities” or “truths.”
Brahman cannot be known through psychological process; it can only be known through direct experience.
Brahman is Satchitananda—infinite existence, infinite consciousness, and infinite bliss;
thus, the goal of life is to realize Brahman.