The Art of Learning

January 18, 2013

The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance by Josh Waitzkin.

“understanding of how to transform axioms into fuel for creative insight.” Pg 34

Most of his training was balancing stress and recovery.

He said to train in the fundamentals first – like the endgame with just a knight and pawn – to establish their characteristics.

Investment in loss. Expect losses while learning a new subject.

Integration of concepts. As you integrate knowledge, the subconscious comes to know it effortlessly and you can look a chessboard and know the situation instantly without having to labouriously go through each scenario. Practice small circles to build integrated knowledge.


Learn the numbers to go beyond numbers.

Inverted Mars Syndrome

January 14, 2013

The inverted Mars syndrome from Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing by Dr Samuel Sagan. Pg 54.

200px-KravmagaThere is a particular Mars related condition that is of great interest, not only because of the symbolism but also because it offers great therapeutic possibilities.
Together with this tendency to attract violence to themselves there is often a certain lack of confidence and clumsiness – these people rarely become sports champions.
Another observation you can make with adolescents who present the syndrome is that usually everything improves dramatically as soon as they get a boyfriend or girlfriend.
What astrological sense can we make of such a syndrome? Mars’ polarity is naturally turned towards the outside world.┬áIf for some reason the flow becomes blocked or even inverted, then all the energy that should normally be used to face the external world becomes clamped and the person’s drive turns against himself or herself.
If you tune into the belly of such a person, the feeling you get is exactly like a false note, a dissonant and hurtful restriction of the flow of life force.
Note that the inverted Mars syndrome is not a deficiency in Mars energy, as in the case of pre-personal blobs with no will at all. When people have no Mars stamina, they do not suffer from a continuous string of accidents – they just live a lukewarm existence.
This point is important, for it determines the attitude one must adopt to bring real help to people with an inverted Mars.
The objective is not to reinforce the Mars energy, but to get them to learn to let their stamina flow out instead of turning against themselves.
In terms of ISIS regression, this corresponds to what is called ‘belly work’…. A deep rearrangement of the outward flow of life force is needed.