Explaining the Unexplainable

Zen master Seung Sahn was once asked about a similar topic by a student who was trying to articulate basic Buddhist teachings. The Zen master said, “When you teach other people, just teach. Only teach; only help them. Don’t worry whether or not they understand; only try. If you are trying 100 percent, then your teaching is complete and your mind-light will shine to them.” You can follow the Seung Sahn’s advice by bringing your full self genuinely to this conversation.


Just offer what you experience, as opposed to your cerebral understanding. Don’t fixate on whether you are saying the smartest or most articulate thing; just try and don’t sweat it as to whether they understand every aspect of what you are saying. It is better that they get a hit of how meditation is affecting your presence than that they know exactly what it is you do at your local meditation center.


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