July 31, 2013

Knock, And He’ll open the door
Vanish, And He’ll make you shine like the sun
Fall, And He’ll raise you to the heavens
Become nothing, And He’ll turn you into everything.

– Rumi


July 31, 2013

Those who give light rule the world. Those who receive light are ruled by the world.

Television gives light and is the ruler. The watcher of television receives the light and is the victim.

Quality Questions

July 30, 2013

To unlock the subconscious and discover the right answer, “ask the right question”. – JFD

Matt Cardle

July 29, 2013

This is what singing is supposed to sound like.


Rebecca Ferguson

July 29, 2013

Another great singer.


July 28, 2013

Prayer itself is a test of our understanding of Universal Law.

For instance, prayer is not to be a by-product of distress, to be pulled out of our trunk in an emergency like a spare tire.

True prayer is not, “Oh God, please help me.” True prayer is, “Thank you, God. I understand now that you are already helping me.”

It may be difficult at times to thank God for seemingly unanswered prayers; but all true prayer sets unseen higher forces and motion, whose directions will become obvious weeks, months, or even years later. Never doubt this, for it is called wisdom.

The Wisdom of the Oracle – JFD

Anandamayi Ma

July 24, 2013