July 31, 2013

Knock, And He’ll open the door
Vanish, And He’ll make you shine like the sun
Fall, And He’ll raise you to the heavens
Become nothing, And He’ll turn you into everything.

– Rumi


July 31, 2013

Those who give light rule the world. Those who receive light are ruled by the world.

Television gives light and is the ruler. The watcher of television receives the light and is the victim.

Quality Questions

July 30, 2013

To unlock the subconscious and discover the right answer, “ask the right question”. – JFD

Matt Cardle

July 29, 2013

This is what singing is supposed to sound like.


Rebecca Ferguson

July 29, 2013

Another great singer.


July 28, 2013

Prayer itself is a test of our understanding of Universal Law.

For instance, prayer is not to be a by-product of distress, to be pulled out of our trunk in an emergency like a spare tire.

True prayer is not, “Oh God, please help me.” True prayer is, “Thank you, God. I understand now that you are already helping me.”

It may be difficult at times to thank God for seemingly unanswered prayers; but all true prayer sets unseen higher forces and motion, whose directions will become obvious weeks, months, or even years later. Never doubt this, for it is called wisdom.

The Wisdom of the Oracle – JFD

Anandamayi Ma

July 24, 2013

Predator and Prey

July 11, 2013

Following on from the previous post….

The predator wants to eat the prey. However, the prey also wants to eat the predator.

The Surface Story

The external power is the predator. It has more power than you.

You are the prey. The predator tries to eat the prey. Or at least own and control you.

The Sub-Surface Story

The prey wants to be empowered. It wants to own that external power so it is no longer hunted. It wants to eat the predator up! Thus the prey is also a predator.

The Point

The object of infatuation has to be destroyed, whether you see that object as the predator or the prey. Like between Freud and Jung, the father has to die for the younger to become the father.

When we infatuate with something, we want to consume it. We want it to die.



Excess Yin is balanced by Excess Yang

July 9, 2013

Excess Yin and Yang

Excess yin (neediness, dependency, selflessness, kindness) is balanced by excess yang (self-reliance, independence, selfishness, asshole).

When someone is addicted to being very yin (loving), then they attract people into their lives who are addicted to being very yang (asshole). Each serves to wake the other up to their repressed parts so they can be whole again.

No Problem
There is no problem in being very yin or very yang. The problems come when there is attachment to it.

When someone is balanced and acts from the soul’s desire (i.e. not from ego) then there is the flexibility to be whatever they want – extreme yin or yang. It is a fluid movement of nature, rather than the grasping desires of the ego.

Additionally, unconsciously we want the object of our infatuation to die. There are many reasons for this:

1) The infatuation is a departure from balance (and a denial of the fullness of the present)
2) The infatuation makes us a dependent slave to the object
3) The infatuation’s highs are accompanied by corresponding lows
4) The infatuation is a departure from integration in the centre – to the separation (and volatility) of duality
5) The object of infatuation is a finite concept and thus cannot satisfy our desire for infinite experience
6) The object of infatuation is always perceived to be at a distance, hence there is a lot of energy expended in trying to capture, control and preserve it (which makes it stale and suffocates it – and makes it want to run away)
7) The infatuation is a departure from the peace of the centre into the excitement of the extremes. Hence, there is no peace.

Basically, the object of infatuation promises the perfect experience, which is why we want it so much. But all experiences are a balance of pain and pleasure. A one-sided experience of only pleasure is a fantasy – a fiction – that is intoxicatingly appealing but breeds nightmares. Unconsciously, we know that infatuations hurt which is why we want them to go away.

If our object of infatuation is a person then unconsciously we will want them to go away (by death, departure or other transformation). i.e. the more we want them to come close, the more we want them to go away.

It is all based on the false perception of space, time, separation and distance. As the Upanishads say, the world is created by ignorance.

The Vedic System of Earning

July 5, 2013

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:

Question: How can people make the money they need, to have a life of security and comfort without ruining their health and their life ?

MAHARISHI: “Take a lesson from the animals. Where is money in the world of monkeys? And where is money in the world of ants or elephants? It is a big misnomer. It is only a network of ignorance.

The Vedic system of earning is to stimulate total Natural Law in our desire to have anything.

Total Natural Law obeys our command in the Vedic system of culturing the mind.

To culture your mind, you need to take your awareness to the “source of thought”.

From that field of unmanifest nothingness, the memory of everything wakes up in your awareness. Then infinite Creative Intelligence supports your desires, actions, and behavior.

“Transcendental Meditation” trains the mind to consciously start a thought from the self-referral Unified Field, the field of total Natural Law within oneself. From there, we fulfill a desire. It is a different philosophy.

It is a philosophy of slavery to educate a man to do something and give him so much money. Then you give him more money to make him work more.

This is a science of slavery, a philosophy of dependence.

“Your most obedient servant” !!!….. what a fine thing.

You remain a servant of the person for a few thousand coins every month, and then you can buy your fruit here and there.

In Vedic system, you can train your mind to get the support of total Natural Law, which runs this whole universe, which can help you fulfill your desires.

The proof of this is in ” Yogic Flying”.

You invite the power of gravity at that moment, and the power of gravity says……

“Yes sir, I am here for you.”

With your invitation to the power of gravity, immediately the power of gravity serves your call.

If you want the body to lift up, the body immediately lifts up. This is a proof. We are not talking fanciful words. Vedic Education is a practical field of education.

We have seen that present education increases ignorance more than knowledge.

“Vedic Education” increases knowledge all the time, until you have gained access to the total knowledge of creativity—the infinite creativity of Natural Law.

It is a different thing, but that is our offer. Take it and enjoy…………

or if you don’t take it today, tomorrow you’ll take it, or the third day you’ll take it.”

From Global Press Conference, 8.9.2004.