Brahman the Eater

The first bowl is for the body. The second is for desire. – Osho

Brahman is the one (bowl) without a second.

Be grateful. I have manifested myself.

The righteous, who eat the remains of the yagya, are freed from all sins. But the unrighteous, who prepare food for themselves alone, truly, they eat sin. (BG 3.13)

Swami Vibhooti Saraswati:

One should not find fault with food.

Food is Devi and should be received, treated and respected as such.

Annapoorna Devi is the goddess of grain, and one who truly understands the value and meaning of her prasad will not wish to waste or spill even one of her precious grains.

According to the law of karma, those who waste or disrespect food in this life, or who do not share it freely with others, will suffer hunger in their next incarnation.

In India, many people before eating will first feed a poor person, or a cow, or even a stray dog. This act of thinking of another being first opens the heart and bestows peace of mind on the giver.

One who shares their food with others, no matter how little it may be, will never go hungry. This is also a karmic law.

The scriptures say that feeding the poor, brahmins and sannyasins helps to purify one’s karma, gladdens the heart and uplifts one spiritually.

While you are eating do not think that it is you who are eating. Think rather that the divine is eating through you, that the process of eating is a divine act, that the food is a part of the divine and that it will transform you into a divine being.

The chanting of mantras before eating helps to prepare the body and mind, and charge the atmosphere.

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