Purified by Silence

From @Vaate on Twitter.

I practice gratitude. I am fully grateful for the immense Silence that has taken over my inner being, and has expelled my neurotic self.

My practice today is to draw no conclusion about anything whatsoever, (except when immediately needed in a situation).

Enthusiasm is as much a distraction from Silence as fear or anger.

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you. ~African Proverb

Can I stay in this moment and this moment only? No goal,no purpose, no wanting, no striving, just being?

I found that truth too when I was meditating on my fear for a desease. My body is innocent and completely dedicated to life . .

Have your attention focussed on inner Silence.

The only solution to all problems is to stay in the awareness of Eternity.

Ordinariness is the cure for all suffering. In the ordinariness of the moment thought cannot push you into the neurotic mind.

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