The Knowledgeable Stupids

Osho says:

Intelligence is a mastery — mastery of all the mechanisms within you. The body is a mechanism, the mind is a mechanism: you become the master. Nobody is manipulating you; the mind simply receives your orders. This is intelligence.

So if you ask, “Are some people more stupid than others?” — it depends. As I see, people are knowledgeable stupids, not-knowledgeable stupids. These are the ordinary two categories, because the third category is so unique you cannot make it a category.

Rarely, sometimes, a Buddha happens: a Buddha is intelligent. But then he looks rebellious because he does not give your pat answers, fixed answers. He moves away from the superhighway; he has his own path. He makes his own path.

Intelligence always follows itself. It does not follow anybody. Intelligence makes its own path. Only stupid people follow. If you are here with me you can be here in two ways. You can be intelligently here with me: then you will learn from me, but you will not follow. You will follow your own intelligence. But if you are stupid you don’t bother about learning: you simply follow me.

That looks simple, less risky, less dangerous, more secure, safe, because you can always throw the responsibility on me; but if you choose a secure safety-way, you have chosen death. You have not chosen life. Life is dangerous and risky. Intelligence will always choose life — at any cost, whatsoever the risk — because that’s the only way to be alive. Intelligence is a quality of awareness. Intelligent people are not stupid…..


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