Divine Will

June 24, 2014

“The individual being does not act according to his own will; he cannot. He is dependent on the will of God, Lord Shiva. It is only God that is completely independent.”~Swami Lakshman Joo (From Kashmir Shaivism, the Secret Supreme.


June 19, 2014

The removal of the impediments to the practice of yoga is said to be possible by meditation on reality, to give an ultimate solution to the problem. This is finally the only solution to all difficulties. There can be tentative solutions, but a final solution is not possible unless one resorts to the ultimate cause of all things, from which everything proceeds and of which everything is an effect.

Come Out of Meditation

June 18, 2014

O fool! What are you doing in the room? Why have you shut the doors? Are you meditating or building sand castles? Are you planning or sleeping? What do you see with closed eyes? Darkness? Or some white spots? Is this your vision of God? Do not waste this precious human life. See God everywhere – in the sun, in the trees, the child, the cow, in the breeze, in the old man, in the running brooks, in the landscapes. He is not within your trikuti (eyebrow centre) alone. Can you meditate for twenty-four hours? Do not become tamasic or lazy. Do not mistake tamas (inertia) for satva (divinity). Enough, enough of your meditation. Thy cells are charged with heavy tamas. Come out and serve God in all forms. Here is a dynamic path of cosmic vision. – So says Sivananda

Wake Up

June 17, 2014

The chances you will wake up are in direct proportion to the amount of truth you can take without running away.

Counsellors Of Wisdom

Sivananda Says

June 16, 2014


Do not talk of Vedanta and Brahman, work, work, work. There is too much talk and vedantic gossiping, enough of tall talk and gossiping. Give up lecturing and pedantry, become a practical vedantin. Be good to others, even at the point of a bayonet. Show your strength and courage now. Develop a soft heart, that can melt at the sufferings of others, this will lead you to the realisation of unity. I want fiery young men -brave, dispassionate and wise, with iron will and ferroconcrete body and nerves, who can pulverise the Himalayas, who can sip the waters of the ocean, who can devour death like a pickle, who can swim across the ocean, who can uproot mount Everest, who can swallow the ball of fire. – Thus sayeth Sivananda


Once a Sanskrit scholar approached Kabir and asked him, “O Kabir, what are you doing now?”. Kabir replied, “O Pundit, I am detaching the mind from worldly objects and attaching it to the lotus-feet of the Lord”. This is concentration.

Concentration or Dharana is centering the mind on one single thought. Vedantins try to fix the mind on the Atman. This is their Dharana. Hatha Yogins and Raja Yogins concentrate their mind on the six Chakras (energy centres). Bhaktas concentrate on their Ishta Devata (tutelary diety). Concentration is a great necessity for all aspirants.

During concentration, the various rays of the mind are collected and focussed on the object of concentration. There will be no tossing of the mind. One idea occupies the mind. The whole energy of the mind is concentrated on that one idea. The senses become still. They do not function. When there is deep concentration, there is no consciousness of the body and surroundings.

The World

June 10, 2014

In the early years, one meditates for their self. In the later years, one meditates for the world. – Yogi Baba Prem

Sanskrit Letters

June 10, 2014

Brahman, in the form of Shabdabrahman assumed the form of kundalini and appeared as the shakti of the Sanskrit letters. -Yogi Baba Prem

Keep the Company of the Wise

June 6, 2014

> keep the company of the wise

Yes. Most especially those who are our spiritual allies… both in body, and those not in body. Vitally important.

Extensive scientific studies have shown the human brain and mind is designed to mimic EVERYONE we connect with, to some degree proportionate to how much time we spend with them and the intimacy of the connection. We’re hard wired to do that. Also, within the brain we literally experience—at a neurological level—whatever we witness other people experiencing (which includes things happening to people on TV and movies, etc.). Our brain goes through the same neurological experience as they do, even though we are not having the outer phenomena happen to us.

Our brain also mimics the brainwave state of those will give our attention to. So when we spend time with the wise, our brainwaves (and eventually our neurology) will automatically start to synchronise with theirs. Their virtues will ultimately become our virtues. Obviously the same, but opposite, thing happens when we spend a lot of time with the “unwise”.

– Jonathan Evatt


June 2, 2014

I occasionally see people on Facebook refer to their mantra and then state it on Facebook, an example ‘I am happy’ would be their mantra, but is this really a mantra? Does English have the capacity to be a mantra? Or is it more an affirmation they are referring to? Is an affirmation and mantra the same?

English does not have the capacity to function as a mantra, as the language is somewhat limited and does not really convey higher spiritual principles, therefore it does not serve well as one of the world’s spiritual languages.

An affirmation, while beneficial, is not the same as a mantra. A Sanskrit mantra is an encapsulation of a Divine principle or state of consciousness, one that is often beyond human expression. In some cases, mantra represents facets of the mind of Divinity. An affirmation reflects a desire and attempts to connivence the subconscious layer of the mind that the desire is true in order to focus the subconscious mind on the desire, while a mantra is an expression of a Divine state and has the power to induce that state through japa. A state where the mind is elevated and transformed. Likewise, the Sanskrit sounds are associated with the astral body, so mantra has a profound effect on the astral body, opening the flow of consciousness from the causal body into the physical realm.

– Yogi Baba Prem

Stage by Stage

June 1, 2014

These three—Mala, Vikshepa and Avarana—have to be overcome gradually, stage by stage in a methodical manner. And then suddenly you see the illumination of Atmic knowledge. You will come face to face with your true nature. You will have this transcendental experience.

Swami Chidananda Saraswati