December 25, 2015

It is very difficult for us now to attack the evil tendencies directly and to drive them out. We have given them space in our mind for a long time. They claim their place in our mind as their birth right. We can get rid of them only through the Pratipaksha Bhavana(The method of substituting the opposite through imagination; thus, fear is overcome by dwelling strongly upon its opposite, viz., courage) method, by transplanting them with good virtuous qualities. The evil qualities will die by themselves. Positive always overcomes the negative.

A Sadhaka cannot afford to forget this detailed living of divine life, and his whole life, at least in the beginning, should be characterised by restraint. He should restrain his tongue. Do not think that you can eat anything and meditate well. If a Sadhaka thinks that he can eat anything and meditate, he is deceiving himself.

Swami Chidananda


December 22, 2015

It is not possible to have a wonderful heart inside, and indulge in every type of actions and words. Every action goes to form one’s character even as every drop goes to form the ocean. Day-to-day movements of men constitute the very essence of divine living, the very essence of Yoga and Vedanta. One should not commit the mistake of running away with the idea that by merely having a great idealism only can perfect goodness manifest in all his actions, words and thoughts.

Swami Chidananda

Ernst Wilhelm

December 19, 2015

After many years of studying astrology, I have come to believe that, for those of intellectual bent, the best use of astrology is the study of astrology. Astrology is one of the Vedangas, or limbs of the Veda, whose purposes is to facilitate the understanding and use of the Vedas. Astrology’s purpose is thus to assist in understanding the Veda – in understanding the inherent Truth.

Amongst the limbs of the Vedas, Jyotish is considered as the Eyes of the Veda, and is thus given preeminence over other such sciences. The study of astrology can assist a person in learning to see that everything is an aspect of God, and to live a life of true happiness. So while I do allow some time for the reading of horoscopes, most of my time is spent in researching, teaching and writing.

I believe that what an individual can get from having his horoscope read pales beside what an individual gains from the study of astrology, so I prefer to focus on the study and teaching of astrology. (I reckon that my first astrologer, Nancy, must have felt that same way so she just showed me how to calculate the chart instead of reading my chart.)


December 9, 2015

In a tradition several levels of spiritual forces concur to make light available to human beings. A tradition is a pathway to God, capital G, as opened and facilitated by angelic and other beings.
There is of course only one God, capital G, but not all pathways to God go through the same angelic presences. Different traditions rest on different angels, beings and masters. And this is why the inner feeling and atmosphere when meditating in a Buddhist temple is completely different from what you can experience sitting in a Christian church. The atmosphere in a place of worship is the spiritual radiation of the beings which constitute the tradition.

– Samuel Sagan


December 9, 2015

Regression is one of the great techniques of the future in the fields of self-discovery and psychotherapy. One of its essential characteristics is that it integrates two dimensions within the same process: a psycho-therapeutic dimension, and a metaphysical one.

To psychotherapists, regression is a transpersonal technique allowing explorations and releases of unprecedented depth, and through which a much needed metaphysical dimension can be incorporated into psychotherapy.

To spiritual seekers, regression is a major tool in the opening of perception, a powerful awakener of the third eye, and above all a path of mental de-conditioning. It achieves a profound and systematic purification of the emotional layer – not unlike the catharsis which Bernard de Clairveaux, patron of the Templars, used to describe with the Latin word defaecatio, considering it an indispensable preliminary to higher spiritual experience.

Regression aims at exploring and releasing emotional blockages and mental complexes, as do many other therapies. The specificity of regression, however, lies in its unsurpassed capacity to reach hidden subconscious and unconscious memories. Even in the first sessions, it is not uncommon to experience flashbacks that cannot be
related to any experience in this life, but are accompanied by a deep feeling and an inner certitude that they refer to yourself. Hence the name ‘past-life therapy’ is often given to regression.

Regression: Past-Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom by Dr Samuel Sagan


“Just watch the spot. If it does not disappear, regress it!”

Mantak Chia

December 7, 2015

2. Those who are not in touch with their emotions and feel unstable should work longer on the organ energy before proceeding to work with the emotional energy. Fusion is not a process to repress emotions; it is a process to confront and transform them.

3. Once you are in touch with your emotions, you simply need to maintain an awareness of them. Be aware of their energy as they fuse at the cauldron in the middle of, and just behind, the navel. The pearl, formed at this center of the body, represents the energy of your emotions. It feels warm.

Fusion of the Five Elements by Mantak Chia


December 5, 2015

“God comes to the aspiring souls as guru, as scripture and as mantra.”

– Swami Chidananda

“When you have understood that all existence, in separation and limitation, is painful, and when you are willing and able to live integrally, in oneness with all life, as pure being, you have gone beyond all need of help. You can help another by precept and example and, above all, by your being. You cannot give what you do not have and you don’t have what you are not. You can only give what you are – and of that you can give limitlessly.”

– Nisargadatta Maharaj