February 27, 2016

Fulfilling our desires is not equal to fulfillment in life.

– Swami Anubhavananda


February 27, 2016

All obstacles are of your own making and it is within your competence to overcome them.

– Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamigal

Love It All

February 25, 2016

Love all God’s creation. Love even leaf, love the animals, love the birds, love the plants and love everything. This is the way to knowledge of the mystery underlying them all. To pervade the world with friendliness, kindness, love, sympathy, compassion – this is the way to union with God.

Service is a spiritual process of trying to attain God in and through man who is his living temple.

– Swami Chidananda


February 24, 2016

Even a little victory in the inner battle with your mind and senses will develop your will-power and give more assurance and courage. But do not be swayed by success. Be humble and grateful.

Swami Chidananda


February 13, 2016

[After reading of the first verse of Sri Upadesamrita ‘vaco vegam
manasa krodha vegam jiva vegam udaropastha vegam ethan vegan yo visaheta
dhira sarvam apiman pritivin sa sisyat’]

“This is the first drop of nectar, but it will appear to be bitter, very bitter. Many devotees don’t want to take it. What do they want? Only rasa – the very sweet pastimes of the night, of nisanta, and of all other times. They don’t want to control the six urges, but this is more important. What is the meaning of dhira, sober? A person who can tolerate the urge to speak is known as sober. This is the problem. This tongue has no backbone, and it makes quarrels everywhere – everywhere. I have explained so many times that you should not speak as you like. Don’t do what the tongue wants to do. This uncontrolled tongue caused the Mahabharata battle, and also the Ramayana Battle of Lanka. All were destroyed. Telling the sweet pastimes of astakaliya-lila which are in Govinda-lilamrta and Krsna Bhavanamrta is another kind of loose tongue. Even if it is very, very hard, you should control this tongue. If you want a drop of nectar, you should be silent about confidential topics. Do not distribute them here and there in the markets.

Krodha vegam. We should try to control anger. From where does anger come? It comes from so many desires. Where there are no desires, there is no frustration and anger. You will be very happy always, and you will be smiling always. Your face will tell that no anger is there. If you want to enjoy the transcendental nectar of Krsna and Radhika, first try to take this drop of nectar.

Jihva vegam: There are so many drinks, like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, but try to control the tongue. Only take what you require to maintain your life. Be like Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami, and then no desires will come.” ~ Srila Gurudeva Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja (Eugene, USA, April 30, 2001)


February 12, 2016

Choose your activities carefully and participate in only those that awaken divine thoughts and feelings in you and help you to lead a God-centered life. Engage in them even when you feel otherwise. With or without inclination, persevere in their performance so that there is no room left for restlessness.

– Anandamayi Ma


February 11, 2016

Can you serve like Florence Nightingale? Can you obey like a soldier in the battle field? Can you be generous like Ranti Deva? Can you spend sleepless nights in devotion to the Lord, like Mira? Can you do Tapas like Dhruva? Can you stick to your convictions like Mansoor and Shams Tabriez? Can you be fearless like the sage who met Alexander the Great, on the banks of the Indus? If you say Yes, you will have Self-realisation this very second. You will contact Avataras and full-blown Yogis this very second.

The first is the body Upadhi. This Upadhi has got other Upadhis. The moment you put on Western dress, your thoughts immediately plunge into Western channels, you begin to think in English, your whole line of thought becomes materialistic. The moment you put on a very fashionable and rich kind of dress, at once the egoism is puffed up. All these Upadhis limit the mind and hold it down.

Swami Chidananda