Can you serve like Florence Nightingale? Can you obey like a soldier in the battle field? Can you be generous like Ranti Deva? Can you spend sleepless nights in devotion to the Lord, like Mira? Can you do Tapas like Dhruva? Can you stick to your convictions like Mansoor and Shams Tabriez? Can you be fearless like the sage who met Alexander the Great, on the banks of the Indus? If you say Yes, you will have Self-realisation this very second. You will contact Avataras and full-blown Yogis this very second.

The first is the body Upadhi. This Upadhi has got other Upadhis. The moment you put on Western dress, your thoughts immediately plunge into Western channels, you begin to think in English, your whole line of thought becomes materialistic. The moment you put on a very fashionable and rich kind of dress, at once the egoism is puffed up. All these Upadhis limit the mind and hold it down.

Swami Chidananda


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