Sun & Heat

June 30, 2016

“Love is the warmth of the sun, and wisdom is the light of the sun.” – Swedenborg

The sun rises in the eastern sky and clears away the darkness of the world without any prejudice or favouritism towards any particular substance.

The sun is a pathway that man must pass through on his journeys to ever greater suns. The sun is like a teacher, a stepping stone.

The sun does not throw heat on the planet. It sends out vibrations that interact with the planet, and they manifest as vibrations which we register as ‘heat’. If you have the proper molecular vibratory frequency in that state, those that are enduring that vibration, do not classify it as heat, it’s a ‘vibratory state’, not ‘heat’. Anything that is greater in density or lower vibration which would be rattled by that frequency would manifest that level of vibration as heat.

– Students of Mastery

Pseudo Vedantins

June 30, 2016

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. After studying Yoga-Vasishtha and the Karikas on Mandukya Upanishad for six months, he says: “There is no world in the three periods of time. Aham Brahma Asmi—Sivoham—Sivah Kevaloham.” He is puffed up with empty pride, vanity and hollowness, and walks in the streets with his head erect. He will never make any prostration to elderly Sannyasis and Sadhus, but chant the formula very often, “Sivoham, Sivoham.”

Such aspirants are formidable Asuras on this earth. They are a great burden on this earth. They pollute the atmosphere and create dissensions and quarrels everywhere, by entering into heated debates with sincere devotees and Karma Yogis. They cannot prosper in the spiritual path.

Vedanta in the hands of raw and unregenerate persons who lack purity and devotion and who have not removed the impurity of their hearts through untiring selfless service with Atma-Bhava and Kirtan and prayer, is perilous. It is like a sharp razor in the hands of a child. Instead of expanding their hearts the Vedantic study will thicken and fatten their egoism. They fall into the deep abyss of ignorance. There is no hope, for them, of being lifted up, as their heart is filled with foolish, Tamasic, obstinacy, false Vedantic pride and self-superiority and false Tushti (satisfaction).

May this land be free from such impotent, pseudo lip-Vedantins! May this world abound with real Vedantins like Dattatreya, Yajnavalkya and Sankara!

– Swami Sivananda


June 30, 2016

Even after the Truth has been realised, there remains that strong obstinate impression that one is still an ego, the agent and experiencer. This has to be carefully removed by living in a state of constant identification with the supreme non-dual Self. Full Awakening is the eventual ceasing of all the mental impressions of being an ego.

– Adi Shankaracharya

(Not sure if Shankara actually said this. Source of this quote is a bit dubious.)


June 30, 2016

A part of our mind should be given in all alertness to work and the major part of the mind should always be indrawn. This process of attention outside and a state of indrawnness is a great help to have constant remembrance of the Lord. Or repeat Om or any other Mantra and also have a background thought in the mind. At no moment of your life the mind should be blank.

Swami Chidananda

Do Both

June 29, 2016

Janaki: I want to do nama smarana always. But I am also keen on getting higher education. (She is in the first year college class). What should I do?

Bhagavan: There is nothing contradictory between the two desires.

Janaki: If I am always doing nama smarana, how can I carry on studies for which the mind is required?

Bhagavan did not answer. But Frydman and I told the girl, “It was said both could be done at the same time.” Frydman added, “Give the mind to studies and the heart to God.”

(‘Day by Day with Bhagavan’, 8-10-45 Afternoon)

Control Your Desires

June 29, 2016

You cannot have God unless you empty your heart of all desires. When desires fill your heart, how can you seek Immortality? As long as we have slightest desire for things other than God, we cannot have Him. Sri Ramakrishna Dev used to say that as long as even a little fibre was sticking out of the end of a thread, that thread would not be passed through the needle. Unless absolute concentration of your entire being is directed towards the purpose of your life – the attainment of God – there cannot be success in spiritual Realisation.

Just as darkness and light cannot co-exist, in the presence of continual sensual pleasures, spiritual Bliss cannot exist. Therefore, show extreme contempt for worldly objects. Give up cravings. Give up deluded attachment. You have entangled yourself in this quagmire of samsara by increasing your own desires, your own wants. By making life luxurious and complex, you have multiplied your wants and desires. Every day you are forging additional links to this chain of bondage by creating newer and newer wants.

Persons are always dissatisfied due to these uncontrolled desires. There is no end to their desires. Is there no escape from these troubles and difficulties? There is one supreme way. It is the development of intense dispassion. It is a life of simplicity, self-control and purity, a life of cosmic love, selfless service, and of shedding all selfish nature,. Develop the habit of thinking rightly, feeling rightly, and acting rightly. Practise devotion and meditation. Then alone it is possible for you to have happiness and perfect peace – not somewhere in some unknown distant realm in some distant future, but right here in the midst of all these external distractions, restlessness and boisterousness of life.

Plentitude is your true nature. A deep perennial satisfaction characteises your true being. Nothing is lacked, for it is all-full and perfect.

Swami Chidananda


June 27, 2016

Have a sort of Pratyahara, so that even when you come into contact with objects, you do not allow the impressions of the objects to interest themselves too deeply in the mind. There must be a spontaneous indrawn state. This does not mean that we should neglect our works.

Swami Chidananda

Anger is Desire. Desirelessness is Wisdom

June 20, 2016

It was Arjuna who asked Sri Krishna: “But what impels man to commit sin, O Krishna, inspite of himself and driven as it were by force”. The blessed Lord said: ‘It is desire; it is wrath, which springs from passion. Know that it is our enemy here, a monster of greed and sin”.

The cause of wrong action or sin in this world is desire. Anger is only a modification or form of desire. Anger is desire itself.

Swami Sivananda


June 20, 2016

There is the factor of food. Suppose you indulge in food which is extremely Rajasic or Tamasic. It will completely pull the mind out of balance and the process of concentration will be affected. The most harmful habit is that of drinking. The effect of liquor is demoralising, whereas the purpose of Yoga is to get complete control over your whole personality. Supposing you persistently go on taking such items of food which are not Sattvic and not conducive to concentration—what happens? The mind gets disturbed. So the diet should be Sattvic. This is the general rule.

Swami Chidananda


June 19, 2016

The way to that supreme simplicity, that ultimate simplicity that is God, is an entire life characterized by simple living, simple thinking, simple feeling, a simple nature – not complicated : simplicity in all aspects of your being.

– H H Sri Swami Chidananda