Surya, Aditya and Savita

Surya, Aditya and Savita – the three Suns: Our sun exists at three levels from gross to subtle.
Surya is the physical ball of fire that gives us heat and light. Surya increases ojas in our body. Thereby one radiates health and vitality.

Also, qualities like confidence, bravery and hardworking develop in us.

Aditya is the cosmic intelligence that transforms our thoughts. Aditya increases tejas in our mind. Thereby one gains foresight, discrimination and intelligence. Our ignorance is removed and one is ready to imbibe higher knowledge and wisdom.

Savita is the cosmic consciousness or the will power and the ultimate cause of all manifestation. Savita increases brahmvarchas in our personality. Thereby one develops righteousness, dedication to serve, kind-heartedness, mercy, compassion and love.

From Surya Yog (FB user)


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