If traits could speak I’m sure they’d say, “You are not seeing the real me. I am more than this. Please look past this label and see the whole me.” It’s a request and when it is fulfilled the result is a moment of relief and gratitude.

It’s like a fish that’s been out of water being returned to the water. In that moment of contact with the water there is relief, gratitude, joy, presence, feeling at home, feeling connected, but then it quickly normalises and those feelings go away.

I contend that this experience may be had anywhere with anything. Whenever the senses come into contact with an object, the object asks to be seen fully. Just like people, objects want to be seen beyond the limitations of their traits and labels. For example, the perception of green is an invitation to reconcile with its opposite – red. Since we can only see green in contrast to a perception of red, the red is already there. It’s already inherent in the experience – only it’s buried in the subconscious.

When our intuition is functioning strongly and its reconciling power is active then there is little or no distance between the outer perception of green and in the inner perception of red. This is a real-time collapse and it means that you can experience joy, love, gratitude, relief, presence, etc, simply by looking at the world.

This means that everything is asking us to wake up. The sound of water going down a drain, the breeze touching your skin, the tooting of a horn. All these things have their concurrent complementary opposite and if you listen closely to the object, with the presence you would give to a lover, with certainty that nothing is missing, then your intuition may close the gap and the object will rejoice in being seen and joy, love, gratitude, etc, will arise spontaneously.


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