Reflect upon the lives of ideal personalities. Draw strength and inspiration from their lives and teachings. Try to mould your life upon their pattern. Always have a great ideal before your mind.

Think of it at all times—morning, noon, evening and night. Develop it into constant background of your thought. Then your mind will never be idle or vacant. This is important, because right thinking is the key to noble living.

As you think, so you will become, just as you reap what you sow. In the same way, you will ultimately experience and attain what you constantly think and feel. Your inner thoughts lead to outer action.

Repeated actions grow into habits. Such habits become permanent qualities in your very nature. This nature goes to form your character.Your future and your destiny is the direct result of your character. Understand this very well.

Carefully bear this in your mind. Think and act with this knowledge. Your inner thoughts are the seeds of your ultimate destiny. Safe guard your thoughts and feelings. Think nobly, and virtuously. You will become a noble man. You will attain greatness and make your life fruitful.

More than all the books that you read and study, more than all your lessons and examinations, more important than everything in life is the cultivation of virtue. Thinking of good thoughts, doing of noble deeds and growth of grand character—all this will lead to a glorious future. This is the source of ultimate happiness. This is the ideal way of preparing yourself to face life as a true son of this great Punya-Bhumi, our motherland.
Live wisely and nobly. Become good and great.

Swami Chidananda


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