If deep down you continue to believe a tiny corner of samsara could be useful, or that it might even offer the ultimate solution to all your worldly problems, it will be extremely difficult to become a genuine spiritual seeker. ~ Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye


Once ego lodges itself man’s mind, all false reasonings start appearing. Man starts thinking that none can resist him. He starts misusing his wealth, power, position and scholarship. The end results are sorrow and disaster. Realise that ego is your enemy and do not allow it to cloud your intellect.- Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamigal


Do not pay attention to the faults of others. It blurs the vision, defiles the mind, and adds to the load of the world’s sin. Therefore try to see only the bright side of things in whatever you perceive. It is the good and beautiful which are true and living, whereas the bad and ugly are only the shadow of what really is. Nobody ever wishes to be bad. When you seek the company of others, remember you are out to find the good and beautiful. Truly, if you are simple and sincere inwardly as well as outwardly, your head will be pure and full of joy, and your intelligence and reason sound and accurate. Then you will find good everywhere and nothing will appear to be evil. God alone is perfect; no person can be free from defects. By making a practice of seeing the good qualities in others, the same virtues develop in yourself, for as you think so you become. In fact it gives much greater satisfaction to appreciate the merits of others even than to dwell on one’s own worthiness. To take pleasure in thinking of one’s own excellence will only inflate the ego and magnify the faults and frailties of others. ~ Sri Anandamayi Ma (excerpt from small book Sad Vani)


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