Obstacles on The Spiritual Path


With every problem is born its solution. Therefore, be not afraid when problems arise. Make God the Pole-star of your life. Overcome personal desire and aspire for Him alone. What is pleasant does not necessarily lead to supreme happiness. Live for Him, Who has brought you into this world. To know Him utilise every moment of your life well. You become what you think. God is the greatest wealth. Bliss is within.

The path of Yoga is no doubt difficult. One has to come across various temperaments. It is not unoften that the student of Yoga is confronted with disappointments, failures and set-backs. The earnest aspirant sees in all these the hidden hand of the Lord, an opportunity to perfect the imperfect nature. Hence all such so-called obstacles are converted into opportunities to triumph over our nature. Patience is necessary.

It is our duty to give love to all, even to those who tend to disappoint us. Love that is not given freely is not true, Divine love. Through such perfect Divine love you will be able to change the heart of your friend. Pure love always conquers in the end. It transforms the hearts of others as well as the heart of the giver.

Never fear about your spiritual progress. Your faith and devotion will help you at every step. Guru-kripa ever guides the faithful disciple. Live in the awareness of the Divine presence. Let your daily life be an unbroken stream of God-remembrance. See Him in and through all faces. Be worshipful at heart. His Name is thy strength and support, unfailing.

This mundane life is full of miseries. Pain is a blessing in disguise. Pain turns your mind towards God, in Whom alone there is lasting happiness and peace.

Incessant remembrance of God destroys the misery of the whole world and fills a person with the Highest Bliss.

The seeker, during spiritual practices will have to undergo different kinds of experiences. These experiences are part and parcel of Spiritual life. Sometimes the seeker feels joy and sometimes feels no taste for the spiritual life. You will have to rise above happiness and unhappiness. Let not these trouble your mind. They come and go.


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