Swami Chidananda and Friends

My realization is higher than the sky,
But my observance of karma is finer than grains of flour.

~ Guru Rinpoche

The proud will never be pleased.
The jealous will never be happy.
The greedy will never be satisfied.
The hateful never be reconciled.
The stingy will never have enough.
The ignorant will never accomplish.

~ Patrul Rinpoche

As long as this inner universe has not also been converted into a benign, friendly environment, you will be opposing yourself, delaying that great day, that wonderful day. Subha samskaras (auspicious, good mental impressions) have to be invoked, subha vasanas (auspicious desires) encouraged, cultivated, strengthened, activated, and constantly indulged in, and in every way sattva (harmony) is to be made to prevail. And the further the “I” recedes away from the horizon of our inner vision and awareness, the more friendly becomes the inner environment for our self-unfoldment.

Swami Chidananda

We live in a friendly outer world, we live in a friendly inner world. Prakriti (Nature) becomes our real mother and our antahkarana (inner being) becomes our real best friend. It becomes our greatest asset, our supreme help in transcending the human consciousness and emerging into the glorious state of Divine-consciousness, God-consciousness, which is our reality, which in truth we ever are—jivo-brahmaiva (jiva is verily Brahman).

Swami Chidananda

Whatever you are, whatever the manner in which you are living, be based in spiritual Sadhana. Connect yourself with the Divine, so that you open up a spiritual channel between you and the Supreme Reality.

Swami Chidananda


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