Kundalini Shakti is a very loving, generous, and patient mother. She is a spiritual director. She guides and helps us. She is our savior. She is in our inner voice, telling, “Are you listening to me?” We are to reply, “Here I am.” Then we can enjoy the power of now and the power of Higher Awareness. We follow her because we understand that only spiritual practice can make us happy.

You must keep your physical and prana system fit. Your life must be well managed and stable. Food, sex, rest, work must be done in Her way to support Her work because Her chakra system is correlated with the prana system, the hormone system, and brain function. Our behavior affects these functions. We have our own free will and discriminative intelligence. That is why we are responsible for our mistakes. When we cooperate with Her, then She can bring about great transformation and help us go back to the Source, because the individual soul is the Ultimate Reality. Otherwise, She cannot make the improvements She wants for us.

For the aspirant, there are always requirements and consequences. That’s the way it is. If you like it, She is happy. If you don’t, She waits. If you try to escape, She searches for you. Then life teaches you, and you must endure your karma. You might blame Her, and say spirituality is dangerous. But no, She is merciful and helpful. She knows everything that you are, and She is the expert spiritual guide. And when you are ready, She is there.

In process She works as Power Consciousness. But actually, She is Pure Consciousness in feminine name. Then She is called Brahmani. Nothing can be concealed from Her. No one can argue with Her because she is the Witness and Illuminator. She explains the consequences of your mistakes, not judging or punishing. She always forgives and gives more chances.


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