Calculations for Edward Tarabilda’s Astrological Formula

Quite a few years ago I discovered the work of Edward Tarabilda and his unique approach to astrology. He could see qualities in people but couldn’t find them their horoscope so he re-engineered jyotish until he found them. His system is based on Jaimini’s karakas. However, he reassessed the meanings of the karakas and came up with a system that I find very reliable and insightful. In fact, it is my go-to technique when looking at someone’s chart.

He called his work The Art of Multi-Dimensional Living (AMDL) and his method was secret. He died in 1999. His website is: It was written pre-1999 so a lot of the info is buried in the labyrinthine layout.

He redefined the karaka fields like this, ranked from highest degree to lowest.

1. Spiritual Path — There are eight archetypal spiritual disciplines.
2. Wealth — Your primal desires and how they support or distract you from your spiritual aspirations.
3. Relationships — Your personal style of interacting with others.
4. Career Nature — Your professional aptitudes and how to be happy at work.
5. Creative Play — How to find satisfaction in recreation.
6. Dharma — How to serve society through an understanding of your caste nature.
7. Mental Health — Your emotional and energetic needs: How to best relieve stress and maintain a constant state of restful dynamism.
8. Physical Health — How to achieve optimum health and longevity in accord with your unique physical strengths and challenges.

He spoke of the karakas and their fields as indicators of your nature and what you should do to bring balance into your life. So Mars is my karaka for the field is Creative Play. This means I should do Mars activities to get the most satisfaction in recreation. And it’s certainly true that I love Mars activities when I do them.

The last karaka indicates the field of Physical Health. Each planet has its own disease type:

Sun – heat
Moon – coldness
Mars – lightness
Jupiter – heaviness
Saturn – dryness
Venus – oiliness
Mercury – mixed disease. This means means that it can assume one or more of the six other disease tendencies.
Nodes – mysterious, hard-to-diagnose karmic diseases due to past-life influences and are best treated with spiritual methods.

Tarabilda was a colleague of Vasant Lad and David Frawley. He wrote a book called Ayurveda Revolutionized and he says, for example, that a person with a vata constitution may also have an underlying disease type of heaviness and that usual vata-pacifying procedures will aggravate them rather than heal them. So knowing your underlying disease type can be very useful.

If a person has the nodes as their Spiritual Nature then their spiritual path will be iconoclastic – ie they are rule breakers, rebels, people who don’t conform to society. Their role in society is to challenge stale orthodoxy. An example of this is Osho. His atmakaraka is Rahu. Look at his teachings and the mess at his Oregon ashram. He was unconventional, a troublemaker, and very challenging to the status quo.

According to my research Tarablida used an ayanamsha between 29’37 and 29’42. I use 29’40 with a reference date of 1/1/1900. Also, he used mean nodes and vimshottari dasas. Mean nodes are important. I’ve found two charts – one of them mine – that require this setting to make Ed’s formula work.

This simple system has given me a lot of insight into myself, my friends and family, and it’s given me some ideas about what I should do and shouldn’t do. For example, my Desire Nature is ruled by Mercury and I do get distracted by excessive study and conversations. So that is something I have to watch because it comes at the expense of my Spiritual Nature.

Many years ago I had a consultation with Gandharva Sauls ( who uses this system. It was a genuinely excellent reading and I highly recommend him.


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