Maharishi and the Devil

Let me share an amusing incident I witnessed myself.
It must have been in the winter of 1975-1976. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was giving a very well attended public lecture in a huge hall in Antwerp, Belgium.

At one moment during the Q&A session, right behind me a man stood up: with a face red with anger, he started to declamate biblical verses on sin, Satan and hell. His rambling in Dutch went on and on. Finally he kept silent.

All the while, Maharishi remained very calm. He only said a few times: ‘translate’. But my friend Nico the translator didn’t dare to translate these words full of hate and anger.

Maharishi kept quiet. Finally after a silence of about 2 minutes, Maharishi said with a lot of force: ‘Every religion which speaks about the devil is a religion of the devil!’

The hall exploded…..

– Dirk Gysels


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