January 31, 2019

There is no education in the second kick of the mule.


January 28, 2019

Charity of things is of less consequence than possession of charitable feelings, and resorting to charitable speech, charitable demeanour, and charitable actions through a general charitable temperament. This is, in short, what is called self-sacrifice, for it involves parting with some part of the delights of the ego.

Swami Krishnananda

Integra Protocol

January 9, 2019

No matter how diligently we try to resolve this problem on the conscious level, we cannot. In fact, we will worsen the problem. By thinking about it, we will make new decisions, create new identities, adding more charge to what already exists.

Suppressed thoughts and emotions, as well as identities, exist in layers. We are able to perceive the surface layer, but the surface layer covers the layers below. To effectively resolve a problem, we need to make all of these layers conscious, one at a time, beginning with the available, surface layer. This is what we call progressive integration.

If you did not make all layers of a problem conscious, if you did not go all the way, part of the problem structure will remain in the unconscious. The problem will be weakened but not eliminated. Hence, the best methods of charge integration, problem solving, goal achievement and spiritual development use repetitiveness within one process.

– Integra Protocol by Vladimir Stojakovic

Alexander Technique

January 9, 2019

Re: releasing tensing in the lower back

I have a lovely 2 year old granddaughter…. I see a big parallel between distracting her vice like talons on my earring towards an attractive bunch of keys and distracting the vice like grip of our nervous system on “what’s wrong ” towards something light and ease-ful.

Shift of attention > release of some sort but which is not intensely specific.

– Jenny Quick

Door to Consciousness

January 9, 2019

The door is opened from the other side.

– John Butler


January 1, 2019

David Buckland in his second BATGAP interview said that in the beginning sanyama was dropping thoughts into the transcendent. But advanced yogis place it in specific places to activate specific laws of nature.