Sattva is Painful at First

March 29, 2019


March 26, 2019

If making predictions was a way to make life better it would be ruled by Mars. Mars makes life better. Nothing else.

Ernst Wilhelm


March 26, 2019

Feminism of the past sought to lessen the distance between yin and yang.

Feminism of the present widens the gap between yin and yang. It is polarising.


March 7, 2019

Vimshottari lines up with my major life events in a way it didn’t with any other ayanamsa. So I use it and try to figure out where it leads me to.

Hajo Banzhaff, a German speaking astrologer and tarot man (I don’t know if born in Germany, Austria or Switzerland), who died way too early once said, “the system is working for you, once you decided for it”, meaning, that, the moment you decide for one system/ayanamsa, tropical vs sidereal etc. it’s working – or not. So maybe there isn’t THE right ayanamsa for everyone, but one that’s working for you, one that’s working for me, depending on where you vs me come from historically, karmically etc. Maybe it’s the same as with religion. One finds the way to truth in Christianity, another one in Hinduism, the next one in Buddhism and so on.
In my opinion, each religion and ayanamsa reveals just one angle of vision on the ultimate truth, neither of them being better or worse, but maybe fitting better or less to your personal make-up.

So stay curious and play around and see what you get……

– C.K.


March 7, 2019

Some mantras are ‘public domain.’

KN Rao

March 4, 2019

“But one of my biggest realizations in the field of astrology has been that a Jyotishi (astrologer) has to learn to look at many different viewpoints, through the eyes of different systems, and then use them concurrently to reach a conclusion. This “Composite System of Astrological Predictions” is one of the fundamental cornerstones of Indian Astrology. The great Parashara Rishi taught us so many Dashas, Divisional Charts, and a myriad of techniques not merely for decorative display but for actually using them!” ~ K.N. Rao

Incremental Change

March 3, 2019