December 23, 2019

Magic works in practice but not in theory.


December 8, 2019

A man who is out for Illumination will reason that all are expressions of the One and so he also will be kind and compassionate to everyone.

– Anandamayi Ma

Voluntary Suffering

December 7, 2019

Better to undertake a revolution than to undergo one.

Paraphrase of Otto Von Bismarck


December 1, 2019

Why all this tasting? That your bitter soul may become sweet. Why all this drawing? That you may join the company of the saints.
You are repentant of your sins, you have the name of God on your lips; in that moment he draws you on, so that he may deliver you alive.
You are fearful at last of your wrongdoings, you seek desperately a way to salvation; in that instant why do you not see by your side him who is putting such fear into your heart?