January 29, 2020

When you take psilocybin (or other such drugs) you are yielding your sovereignty to the spirit of the plant. It is better to do it consciously rather than via powerful herbs.

Paraphrased from Susan Raven on BATGAP.


January 28, 2020

When we leave holes behind us they are filled by chaos.


January 27, 2020

People who cannot follow instructions don’t make good students or leaders.

– Samuel Sagan


January 26, 2020

Edward Tarabilda’s Ordering of the Planets

January 26, 2020

Edward Tarabilda says,

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the three archetypal orderings of the planets in delineating the principles of spiritual science. It is the basis for virtually all aspects of The Art of Multi-Dimensional Living. Study these orderings well with both your intellect and your intuition; then you will come upon true Insight!


Edward calls the first ordering of the planets ‘God’s view.’ It is the seven days of creation found on the first page of the Bible as I’ve discussed in this post. The second ordering is based upon the speed that the planets move – from slowest to fastest. The third ordering is our actual solar system.

I know that Rudolph Steiner talks about the first and second orderings. I skimmed some of Steiners work on it but it is very heavy reading. I will have to review it.

About this Post

This post is to record my on-going thoughts about the ordering – aka the script – especially relating to the 8 fields of living. (See this post about the fields of living and how to calculate them.) I believe this knowledge transforms the karakas from paint-by-number-astrology into understanding the spiritual rasa of creation.

The difficulty of this post is not knowing how much experience the reader has with Edward’s work and how much depth is needed to explain my ideas. Some readers will have no familiarity with his teaching but may be familiar with Western or Vedic astrology. I don’t have an editor so while this post makes sense to me, it may not be so clear to you. My apologies. Hopefully this post will get clearer with revisions.

It is apparent that the seven planets in the first ordering relate to the following fields:

  1. Sun…………..Spiritual
  2. Moon………..Wealth/Desire
  3. Mars…………Relating
  4. Mercury……Career
  5. Jupiter………Play
  6. Venus………..Vital Body
  7. Saturn……….Physical

Edward talked about the importance of this ordering of the planets all day long. It is the foundation of the fields of living, as described below.E.

What About the Nodes and Caste/Dharma?

By reverse-engineering Edward’s work, I knew that Caste is found by looking at the 6th highest degree in the chart. But I didn’t know why.

I knew that Caste (6) is located between the fields of Play (5) and Vital Body (7). However, the 6th planet in the script is Venus and Venus fits the Vital Body field (7). The 7th planet in the script is Saturn and it clearly belongs to Health (8). Why is the script not perfectly aligned with the fields?

I think the Nodes occupy the 6th field for the following reasons. The 9 planets are karakas for houses 1 – 9 forwards and backwards around the chart.

  • Sun……………..1st house
  • Moon…………..2nd and 12th houses
  • Mars……………3rd and 11th houses
  • Mercury………4th and 10th houses
  • Jupiter…………5th and 9th houses
  • Venus…………..6th and 8th houses
  • Saturn………….7th house
  • Rahu…………….8th and 6th houses
  • Ketu……………..9th and 5th houses

(It may also be that the 1st and 7th houses derive meaning from each other too, but I haven’t given this much thought yet.)


The orderings:

  • Sun → Ketu forwards: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and backwards: 1, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5.
  • Sun → Ketu with Nodes reversing direction. Forwards: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 6, 5 and backwards: 1, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 8, 9.


Why Do the Nodes Fall Between Jupiter and Venus?

If you lay the planets on houses 1-9 then Rahu falls in the 8th house and Ketu in the 9th house. Rahu and Ketu aren’t really split – so by averaging them they fall on the cusp of the 8th/9th house. If you go backwards around the chart they fall on the cusp of the 6th/5th. Whether you look forward or backwards around the chart the Nodes fall between Jupiter and Venus.

From another point of view, the first seven planets in the script occupy houses 1-7 and then the Nodes at the end turn around and go backwards into the 1-7.

The Nodes go backward around the chart anyway and their position in Edward’s system is calculated by finding their inverse degree – so it makes sense that they go backwards up the ordering of the planets in an odd way.


Based on contemplation of the meaning of the Nodes and the houses and the fields (which I had originally included in this post), it looks to me that there is a strong correlation between the Nodes and Caste/Dharma. Having looked at hundreds of charts I’ve always found the Caste field the most difficult field to understand. It has often been a mystery to me but now I understand why: its karaka is the Nodes.


Further Considerations

I had a lot of other thoughts about the Nodes and their connection to Caste/Dharma. I removed them from this post for the sake of brevity and clarity. Certainly there is a lot that is obvious once you see it. If you’re interested then consider the relationship of Dharma and Caste to the 2nd and 12th houses from the 7th house, especially how the Moon relates to dharma and social structures (see elsewhere on this site about the principle of fair exchange).

Fields and Planets Relate to the Houses

I believe these houses are related via geometry, ordering and shadow/mirroring (like two sides of the same coin.) Relating the blueprint to the houses is one of the most profound and useful things I’ve discovered about this work. Now I cannot imagine trying to interpret a chart without this understanding.

SUN…………….Spiritual = 1st house. The rising Sun is by definition always in the ascendant.

MOON……….. Desire/Wealth = 2nd & 12th. Treasure (joy) and losses (moksha). The true wealth of the Moon is love. Impurities in the Moon manifest as attachments and obsessions, which Edward warns us about in this Desire field. The opposite side of the 2nd house is the 12th house which shows losses to the Spiritual field. ie the Desire field can cause losses to the Spiritual field. A pure 2nd will result in pure loss (moksha) and an impure 2nd will cause mundane loss (distraction).

MARS…………..Relating = 3rd & 11th.  Of all the fields this is the one makes me think the most. My current thinking is that Mars is a triangle and is the first enclosed space in the script (point, line, triangle). In Genesis God created land on the 3rd day. Mars loves to govern territory.

Mars relates to the arms and hands so perhaps we can say that the third field is about how you “handle” people in your space. The planet that rules this field in your blueprint indicates your preferred/ideal method of managing the people in your territory – ie the Moon will handle people with empathy and the Sun with authority.

When you have space then you have time, distance and vectors (relative positions – ie relationships). Mars manages space by increasing or decreasing time or distance. For example, if there are problems in a marriage then the solution is some combination of more or less distance and more or less time. Maybe your husband needs to be left alone and maybe your wife needs more close attention.  This is the dynamic of yin and yang played in 3D.

This field is different from the Vital Body field. That field’s karaka is Venus and it shows how we project into the world. Mars is more practical than that and is more “hands on.” Mars is more concerned with function and Venus is more concerned with form.

Mars also requires more certainty and is more pushy about getting outcomes so maybe the Relating field has some element of control about it. Perhaps we could say it is how we assert ourselves to get our needs met. With Mars as the karaka, it may also have elements of protection, defense, and tactics. After all, meeting people brings up issues of safety and defending personal boundaries.

Mars is the lord of war and war is always fought against other people => war is about relationships. As Navy SEAL commander Jocko Willink says, war is life amplified.  The third place in the script is closer to the Sun than Saturn, so maybe it is more about facilitating self-interests than other-interests. The General serves the King more than the people. He would rather take direct action and roll out tanks against civil unrest than find a political compromise through diplomatic chit chat.

The 3rd and 11th houses are about friends, siblings and peers. The number three relates to the the gunas. There is lots of possible trinity and triangle symbolism here, like the triangle in Manipura, or the fact that Venus’ hexagram comprises two triangles. Maybe Mars at this place in the script explains why siblings fight like cats and dogs.

MERCURY…….Career = 4th & 10th. Lowest and highest points in the sky. Mercury indicates commerce and dealing with money/finance. It is rajasic and shows how we make a living. It’s symbol is a square. The 4th field is halfway between the Sun and Saturn, between the self and other. So maybe we can say this field which sits in the middle relates to fair exchange. Economics is ultimately about fair exchange.

While all the planets have their own kind of genius, I associate Mercury with IQ. Of all the fields, the field of work/career is most relevant to IQ. This is where IQ is applied the most. The other fields – like Play, Relating, Vital Body, etc – don’t have much use for high IQ. Thus it is quite fitting that intelligence and career go together. In other words, there is a correlation between intelligence and success.

JUPITER………Play = 5th & 9th. 5th house is games and speculation. Also, children who like to play and are fun. Jupiter is the natural karaka for both the 5th and 9th houses being children and law.

The 9th house is 5th from 5th – and the 5th is 9th from the 9th. Both are dharma houses – so maybe the field of Play is a secondary consideration after looking at the field of Dharma.

Ketu falls in the 5th house when going backwards around the chart. This may be why the 5th house indicates past karmas and their fruit. ie the issues we have faced and overcome in past lives may be the easy and enjoyable things we get to do in this life.

VENUS………….Mental Body = 6th and 8th houses. Venus is a healer and thus connected with the 6th house. Venus is also sexual thus connected with the 8th house. Venus is how we project ourselves to the world, just as an actor projects to an audience.

SATURN………..Health = 7th house. Also the marriage karaka. This is the grossest level of creation – the physical body, the farthest from the Self, “concrete reality.” It is the distant Saturn. The connection of the 7th house and Saturn probably make the Health karaka also a death karaka (maraka).

NODES………….Caste = 8th and 6th houses. The main planets fit nicely in houses 1-7 but the nodes by crossing over the 7th house are outcastes. The 7th house is “the other.” It is 180 degrees to the 1st house. Going “beyond the 7th” is outcaste territory.  The Nodes have no place of their own – like Roma – and instead travel over houses that are already occupied by other planets.

The Nodes belong at the end of the list of planets because that is where Parashara placed them, and presumably Jaimini too.

Other Indications

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 9.50.19 PM

Edward says that one of the most important considerations for marriage is the compatibility of the castes of the couple. Maybe this is because the Caste field occupies the 6th highest degree and Venus occupies the 6th position in the script. This means there is some affinity between Venus and the field of Caste.

The field of the Vital Body occupies the 7th highest degree and Saturn is 7th in the script. Thus it would makes sense that the Vital Body is correlated to the physical body and physical environment.

The field of Health and Marriage is the 8th highest degree and the Nodes are 8th in the script. Thus the chaos and mystery and delusion of the Nodes is an underlying factor in both health and marriage. Maybe the connection between Dharma and Health means that good Health is closely related to good Dharma.

Saturn is the 7th planet and falls in the 7th house and is the 8th field. Rahu is the 8th planet in the script. Thus Saturn and Rahu both indicate “the other.” Hell is other people.

There is a Vedantic saying: fear is born of duality. Hence is it appropriate that Saturn is the karaka for “the other.” But we also need to keep in mind that the Moon is the first duality from the Sun and the Moon is a benefic. Also, suffering comes from identifying with matter – that is a Sun/Saturn dynamic.

When the Sun identifies with Saturn then it suffers a lot. Thus Saturn is the great teacher of dis-identification and liberation. He is the killer of polarities that are born of ignorance. Thus “the other” humbles the ego and reveals Thou Art That.

Since Venus and Rahu occupy the same house can we say that they are naturally related? And the same with Jupiter and Ketu? Are they sympathetic or complementary opposites? Does Venus in the 6th and 8th, with the bandit Rahu, make Venus the teacher of the demons?

Does Jupiter with Ketu in the 5th and 9th mean that wisdom and dharma leads to liberation? Or that the opposite of expansive Jupiter is the point-value of Ketu?

It is also interesting to consider whether the script on the left side of the chart is feminine and on right side is masculine. Also, we could make the same consideration from the 7th house. The script may unfold in an evolutionary way. A lot of the authors that Edward refers to write about the sequence of involution and evolution.

Perhaps we could say that on the right hand side the Moon’s energy is somewhat lost in the 12th house and Mars is exaggerated in the 11th. I’ve heard it said that planets in the 11th throw their influence around the chart. In contrast, the Moon in the 2nd can fully express itself (the Moon is exalted in Taurus) and Mars in the 3rd functions well but it is a more localised house than the 11th.

Edward says the Dharma field is about how to serve society with love and joy. This sounds like a reference to Venus as a secondary karaka for the 6th field. I imagine that it is important to examine the condition of the your Dharma planet in the chart, along with the condition of the 6th house karakas (Rahu and Venus), just as one would examine the 5th house and Jupiter for children.

Rahu is the primary karaka for Dharma so it will probably give additional insights into how you ought to contribute to society.

Reading the Chart

When assessing a chart I look at rasi and graha aspects on the planet, its lord and sometimes its pada. Rasi aspects are often the missing link.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are important if they are closely aspecting or conjunct.

Additionally, I look at the Lahiri and tropical points of view because some charts and dasha just work better with them. The universe is holographic which means you can see the whole from any part. However, I only ever use Edward’s settings to determine the script. Judging how a planet operates is multi-factorial. For example, someone’s AK maybe Jupiter in Sag using Edward’s settings but it is in Capricorn tropically. In my experience both placements are true, but from different points of view. So while there is one script, the strength of that planet in a person’s life takes some consideration. Is Venus in Virgo or Libra? How does it actually show up in the person’s life?

Also, it seems to me that Edward was influenced by Western astrology. Some of the things he says about the planets sound very Westerny.

Nakshatras work really well with the Lahiri ayanamsha but I haven’t spent much time looking at them with Edward’s settings. In The Global Oracle it is clear he has been influenced by Light on Life by Svoboda and De Foux.


Does Venus with Rahu in the 6th and 8th houses correlate with addiction? Addiction is essentially out-of-control desire. Do we also consider Mars’ aspects on the 6th house too? Lord Krishna says in the Gita that compulsive action is driven by anger and desire. Could that be Mars and Venus? Do we consider that the 6th sign is Virgo, where Venus is debilitated?

What about the Desire field for addiction? I think it is relevant to look at the 2nd field’s karaka: the Moon. If the Moon is afflicted then the mind, desire, attachment, nourishment, emotions, etc, are all afflicted too.

I’ve heard it said that Play is the field of addiction. I don’t know if this actually came from Edward or if it is speculation, but I haven’t seen this work in practice and I cannot work out why it would be true in theory either. Maybe the Westerner astrologers’ point of view on Jupiter is relevant here. Maybe Ketu too.

I know there are lots of potential indicators for addiction so it is hard to give a simple cookie cutter formula, but if I had to point the finger at one thing it would be an afflicted Moon (which is the 2nd field). Also, addiction is usually indicated in a number of places in a chart rather than just one.


Rahu and Ketu at 135 degrees is called a sesquisquare aspect. This aspect is described as unbalancing and it sounds a lot like the Nodes. The Nodes have a sesquisquare aspect with the Sun. Read about it here. This sesquisquare aspect sounds like a 6/8 planetary relationship.

In the script laid over the chart, do we look at the aspects? ie do we consider Mars’ 4th aspect on the 6th (when going forwards around the chart)? Which way does Mars’ 4th aspect go when going backwards around the chart? Does it aspect the Moon in the 2nd or Venus in the 8th? If the right hand side of the chart is masculine does that reveal something about men?

And what about 7th house aspects? Are there correlations between Moon/Venus, Mars/Jupiter, etc…

I looked at the nakshatras on the cusps of the 5th/6th and 8th/9th houses but nothing jumped out at me. It may be that we are examining the fixed-position archetypes of the planets and houses. The nakshatras move and are not necessarily bound to the zodiac.

Hierarchy of Power

Maybe the order of the planets indicates a hierarchy of power in the royal court. The King has to be mindful of where their power comes from.

  • KING……………….Own authority, ability to lead
  • QUEEN……………Married to the king, mother of his children, probably from another royal family
  • GENERAL……….Authority from the army
  • PRIEST…………….Authority from God and the church
  • PUBLIC……………Authority from collective consciousness
  • DIPLOMAT………Authority from the king
  • SERVANT…………No authority

The General and Priest have their own authority over the masses and enough power to challenge the king. The Public (Nodes) is technically outside the royal court but it is still more powerful than the Diplomat and Servant.

The King probably has difficulty reading the Public, which is unsurprising because it is ruled by the Nodes. He knows that crowds are fickle, unpredictable, delusional and able to be deluded, and tend towards hysteria and mania. The Nodes indicate the past. The public is influenced by historical grievances over land and culture but also unseen karmic influences. These influences can be dangerous and the King has to accommodate all these influences in his kingdom, lest the Public rolls out the guillotine.

The Public occupies the 6th field which correlates to Venus in the 6th place in the script. Thus the King has to careful of Diplomats who can influence or hijack the Public. Like the cunning and manipulative Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish and Lord Varys. Twitter is the current incarnation of Rahu and its influencers and celebrities move the public mind. Influencers are expressions of Rahu and Venus and are often charismatic or attractive. 

It is interesting to note that Rahu and Venus are together in both the 6th and 8th house. Does that mean the media is inherently treacherous? It would indicate spies and double agents and manipulation.


I believe that a lot of understanding about the fields and planets can be found in the esoteric meaning of the shapes associated with them:

1. Spiritual…….Sun……………Point
2. Desire………..Moon…………Line
3. Relating…….Mars………….Triangle
4. Career……….Mercury…….Square
5. Play……………Jupiter……….Pentagram
8. Caste………….Rahu………….Octagram
6. Vital Body….Venus………..Hexagram
7. Health……….Saturn……….Septagram

Now when I think of the Relating field I think of it as the triangle field. And the Vital Body as the hexagram (overlapping upward and downward triangle = masculine and feminine). These shapes speak about the meaning of the planets and fields.

The dual nature of Venus is interesting. On one hand it is associated with Rahu, the 6th and 8th houses, and Virgo and Scorpio. Maybe its shape – the hexagram – is related to witchcraft ie “putting a hex on someone.” Hex means witch and witches are associated with Venusian themes like herbs, healing, magic, manipulation, etc.

On the other hand some consider Venus to be the greatest benefic with the sweetest devotion and its shape – the hexagram – is found in anahata chakra as two interlocking triangles.

Rahu is the 8th planet and the karaka for Dharma/Caste. Its shape is an octogram. If you look at a swastika it has 8 points around the exterior. Perhaps the Nazi swastika was a Rahu symbol. The Holocaust was essentially about Dharma/Caste – removing the Rahu-people from society like foreigners, misfits, and outcastes. ie Jews, Soviets, gypsies, disabled, dissenters, etc.

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 1.29.19 PM

This is just thinking aloud. Let me know your thoughts or alternative ways of placing the shapes on the charts. I’ve tried to connect the planet’s house from the script with other relevant houses – eg dusthanas. It occurs to me now that the pentagram would probably better suit houses 1, 4, 5, 9, 10 because they are more fortunate.

Images Above

Line 0: Point – the king sits on the throne. The queen sits next to the king.

Line 1: Shapes 3-6

Line 2: Seven sided shapes. Ruled by Saturn they are ugly, awkward, difficult to draw, asymmetrical, problematic.

Line 3: Eight sided shapes. Ruled by Rahu. The Nodes are placed on the cusp of 5th/6th and 9th/8th. The lines that divide the houses touch the exterior square at 8 points and may be related to the swastika as mentioned earlier.



Edward recommends reading The Geometry of Meaning. I read it (it is free at but it doesn’t really cover these shapes.

I’m not sure if this means anything but the borders of the 5th/6th house and 8th/9th are both 135 degrees from the 1st house (going forwards and backwards). Rahu’s number is 8.

135 x 8 = 1080 / 3 = 360

I don’t know anything about numerology, I’ve never studied it. Edward mentions numerology but says he has discovered a different system which I assume is based on the script. Nevertheless, look at the equation above:

135      =>     1+3+5 = 9

1080    =>     1+0+8+0 = 9

360      =>     3+6+0 = 9

9 x 8 = 72   =>  7+2 = 9

Ketu’s number is 9.

Are these just convenient numbers? Do they have significance? I don’t know.


Placing the planets in the houses probably stands on its own as a way to understand the fields. But I am also thinking about its correlation to the signs of the zodiac:

  • SUN……………..Aries………Exalted
  • MOON…………Taurus……Exalted…………..Pisces…………..Friend
  • MARS………….Gemini……Neutral…………..Aquarius……..Enemy
  • MERCURY……Cancer……Neutral…………..Capricorn…….Friend
  • JUPITER………Leo…………Great Friend…..Sagittarius…..Moolatrikona
  • VENUS…………Virgo……..Debilitated………Scorpio………..Friend
  • SATURN………Libra………Exalted

If we look at the left side being feminine then the problematic planet is Venus and on the right side the problematic planet is Mars. And after the Sun and Saturn, the most beneficial planet for the feminine side is the Moon and for the masculine side it is Jupiter.


I believe the guts of this work is discovered in consciousness. ie it comes via intuition/revelation. It occurred to me that it may be worthwhile to chant the names of the planets in order – or even in your blueprint’s order – as a meditation and an invocation.  Maybe a regular Navagraha Stotram would be sufficient.

When I looked at Ed’s work closely earlier this year I started having revelations about it and it felt like the energy behind this work wanted to come through. I imagine this is what happened to Ed during the 1980s. However, I decided that I didn’t want it and pulled back from the work.

Rasa of Creation

The blueprint is of course vitally important – especially to clients because they can use it in their life without any knowledge of astrology. But I think the most important thing about Edward’s work is the ordering of the planets which he encouraged us to study and discover for ourselves. He says it is the foundation for all his work. That requires speculating until speculation turns into real knowledge. I’m sure Edward would be very happy with anyone trying to work out the ordering of the planets. I believe this kind of effort purifies the mind – it is a form of sadhana.

Our task is not to mimic Edward. I’m reminded of the Zen saying, “Don’t seek to follow in the master’s footsteps. Seek what he sought.”

Also, I have a sense that when the true knowledge of the orderings of the planets is realised then the blueprint will come alive – like a plastic flower becoming real. I believe the ordering is really about the rasa of creation. Often I think that it must be like the great Sanskrit grammarians who were brilliantly logical but also richly nourished by their understanding because speech is ultimate the song of the Goddess.

I keep thinking that the blueprint is like nouns or consonants – fixed points that are highly functional and masculine in nature. But the real story is in the relationships between the nouns and consonants and how they flow together and create a unique story. The connectors are verbs and vowels which are feminine in nature – Shakti – joy and flow and love and richness.

Currently the blueprint has no verbs or vowels. How does the first field flow into the second? What does that say about the person? If the script is God’s view, then the script ought to reveal the unique divinity of each person. This is not just being able to determine some factoids about a person’s circumstances and what they should do, but rather seeing them as God sees. IMO reading the script should really be reading a great rasa-filled love story that connects the reader and the client to divinity. The masculine fields can be taught informationally but I doubt the feminine joiners can be – that part is more elusive and mysterious and vague and changeable and has to be discovered in consciousness.

Edward talked about Eurythmy and I believe that is it closely aligned with these ideas. If I remember rightly Edward said his understanding of the script began to unfold after studying Eurythmy. I may be mistaken about this. Eurythmy may not have revealed the blueprint to him but he said Eurythmy was a revelation to him – maybe about life’s basic linguistic, mantric script. (BTW learning the basic meanings of sounds and their actions via Eurythmy or Mantra Yoga or some other place is very interesting – especially when listening to other people’s names!)

Greek Philosophy

In Greek philosophy it is believed that the soul incarnates on Earth by passing through seven spheres. The outermost sphere is the realm of Saturn, then Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon and finally Earth. This is the middle ordering of the planets.

After death the soul journeys back through these spheres in reverse order. Steiner has something to say about the two different orders in the middle column but I cannot remember what it was because I read it so long ago. Perhaps something about using different orderings for different ages in life – ie teenage years maybe this or that depending on this or that… I cannot remember but am just noting here if anyone wants to follow up this lead.



If you know anything about the ordering of the planets or have any comments or ideas that you’d like to share, then please let me know in the comments below.

If you can think of an alternative theory for the meanings of the fields then please let me know.

Ancient Faces in Modern Day

January 25, 2020

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January 25, 2020

Right is not self-executing. It requires courage.

Shiva Trishula

January 19, 2020

Align the central column to Shiva’s Trishula and allow the rest of the body to relax around it.

Yoga Sutras and the Senses

January 19, 2020

2.18. The seen – consisting of the elements and senses – has the qualities of sattva, rajas, and tamas. Its purpose is to provide experience leading to liberation.

2.43. From the destruction of impurity through tapas, there is perfection of the body and senses.

2.55. From pratyahara, mastery over the senses is supreme.

3.46. Perfection of the body consists of beauty, grace, strength, and the firmness of a diamond.

3.47. Mastery over the senses is gained through samyama on their ability to perceive, their essence, individuality, connectedness, and purposefulness.

The senses are integrating. Their purpose is liberation. Their essence is joy/bliss. They seek harmony and to collapse polarities/identities.


Bonus Sutra

2.42. From contentment, unsurpassed happiness is obtained.


January 17, 2020

1 million seconds is 11 days.

1 billion seconds is 31.5 years.