February 24, 2020

Karma is posting mail bombs to yourself.


February 21, 2020

The mind is like the internet. It fosters cravings. Switch it off.

Yin and Yang

February 19, 2020

Yang is production and yin is distribution.

The Great Discovery

February 14, 2020

This is a draft of a speech I gave a few years ago about The Great Discovery. It is part of the Demartini Method created by Dr John Demartini and is about the co-existence of opposites and their relative positions.

This topic is about non-local knowledge and becoming aware of the inter-connectivity of life, or as the famous philosopher Alfred North Whitehead would say, the inner-connectivity of life. See Swami Krishnananda’s comments about Alfred North Whitehead’s work.


This means that at the very moment you perceive one thing, you will be simultaneously perceiving the opposite. In fact, you can only perceive something in contrast to its opposite. Take for example, sadness. Let’s say you are feeling sad. At the very moment that you perceive sadness you will also be perceiving happiness. Only the sadness will be perceived consciously and the happiness will be perceived unconsciously. You can only know the sadness in comparison to happiness. You might even say something like, “I know what happiness is, but this isn’t it.”

The Great Discovery proves that you never get a loss without a gain. You never get pain without pleasure. You never get a rise without a fall. Everything is always balanced by its opposite and this question is designed to prove that to you and reveal the cosmic order in life and show you that everything is balanced.

In physics we know that every force has an equal and opposite one, but not many people know that this applies just as precisely to social and mental and emotional situations too. This means that you never get trauma without euphoria and this simple piece of information can make all the difference in resolving the issues that haunt you.

It certainly appears that sometimes you have more of one thing than another, but when you did deep enough then you will find that the whole is fully represented in every part of creation as described by Ralph Waldo Emerson in Compensation:

The true doctrine of omnipresence is that God reappears with all his parts in every moss and cobweb. The value of the universe contrives to throw itself into every point. If the good is there, so is the evil; if the affinity, so the repulsion; if the force, so the limitation.

On the forms, the questions in columns 6 and 13 are very specific. It says that when one person is challenging you, another will be supporting you. And when one is supporting you, another will be challenging you. All this happens subconsciously and so the purpose of this question is to make the unconscious conscious. And we do this by asking the right questions.

So if you are collapsing someone who was challenging you, then you would get very calm, and go back to the exact moment that you perceived the trait. You’re not looking at the memory, but trying to get back into that moment as if you are actually there. The clearer you can get about that moment and the clearer you are about the exact trait, then easier it will be for your unconscious mind to reveal the answer. If you have any trouble with the question, then make sure the trait is clearly identified and that you are as present as possible with the moment of experience.

This is an intuitive question. It can’t be worked out with the mind. It is something that just clicks. It can’t be rushed. Take all the time you need.

Don’t say you are supporting yourself. If the challenge is from outside, then look for a corresponding supporter outside.

When you are in the moment, ask yourself who is challenging me? And then scan the environment. The supporting person may be one or many, male or female, close or distant, real or virtual, animate or inanimate.

So let me give you an example of these.

One/Many. A few years back when the nuclear disaster at Fukushima was happening I was at a staff meeting and my boss was panicking about it and he yelled at me. I looked around the room and could tell that everyone else there was supporting me. So on one side there was a big challenge to me and on the other side there was big support. The support was quantitatively and qualitatively equal. Which means that the quantity and quality balanced the challenge.

Now if it had been just the two of us in the room, then I would have tuned in and located the supporting person intuitively. It may have been someone outside the room, or even someone in another country. The point is that someone will be supporting you in that moment and you will know who it is.

Sometimes the supporting person is not real and this only occurs in extremely traumatic circumstances. Last year I watched Dr Demartini take a former prisoner of war through this process. The soldier had been tortured and at that he would go to his happy place in his mind which was a tropical island. And that place was the exact opposite to what he was experiencing in real life.

His real experience was cold, dark, painful, lonely, hungry. In this virtual world on the tropical island, it was warm, sunny, pleasurable, with friends, yummy food. So this question woke him up to the fact that he experienced pleasure and pain at the same moment. It wasn’t just pain. And when he saw that both occurred together it neutralises the experience.

You can also have animate and inanimate support like pet or a teddy bear, but generally if you are challenged by a person you will be supported by a person.

Once you have found the opposites in that moment, then think of another moment when that trait came up in that person and then look for the balancing opposite. Keep doing this until all memories are exhausted of that trait with that person.

Make sure that you get to the point of certainty. The Demartini Method is built on certainty and not woolliness. If it’s not certain, then keep on looking until it is.

This is an intuitive question. It develops your intuition. It reveals the cosmic order in life. And it also reveals love.

About a year ago I was working with a woman who had been through the Demartini Method before, she knew how to do it, but she said she’d never had the full experience of this question. She had some problems going back into the memory. So I asked her, “Who in this very moment is challenging you?” She had been collapsing her boss and she said that she could feel him challenging her as we were speaking. She could feel his criticism, pressure, and anger at her. Then I asked, “Who in this very moment is supporting you?” She quickly realised that it was her ex-boyfriend. Then I asked her, “What does that support feel like? Is it warm? Is it close? Is it kind?” When she realised that this support was present her whole body language changed. Her face opened up and she clearly relaxed. In that moment she could feel both sides: he boss’ challenge and her boyfriend’s support.

So this question reveals love, which is the balance of opposites. Support and challenge.

Alfred North Whitehead said something to the effect of being able to “feel what is there.” The principle is that is you have one thing then you will be able to sense its balancing counterpart even if it is in a faraway location. You can feel what is there because it is all part of one organism: the universe. Thus A and A’ can be felt convincingly if you know where and how to look. This is a profound way to stitch the polarised mind back together.




February 11, 2020

Science progresses through a series of funerals.

Anahata Chakra

February 10, 2020

Not Sentimental

February 8, 2020

Goodness is not sentiment. It is not merely sympathy that you show by emotional outburst. It is an intelligent appreciation of values. You love because you understand. You do not love because you are emotional.

Swami Krishnananda


February 6, 2020

“The higher one climbs on the spiritual ladder, the more they will grant others their own freedom and give less interference to another’s state of consciousness.”

Paul Twitchell


February 5, 2020

Ramana Maharshi has been looking into the Siva Purana this day. He says:

Siva has the transcendental and immanent aspects as represented by His invisible, transcendental being and the linga aspect respectively. The linga originally manifested as Arunachala stands even to this day. This manifestation was when the moon was in the constellation of Orion (Ardra) in December. However it was first worshipped on Sivaratri day which is held sacred even now. In the sphere of speech Pranava (the mystic sound AUM) represents the transcendental (nirguna) and the Panchakshari (the five-syllabled mantra) represents the immanent aspect (saguna).