Divine Name

July 28, 2015

The Lord’s Divine Name is a powerful specific for all these imperfections of your external personality. Lead the Divine Life; then and then alone will you be able to overcome the imperfections of your physical and mental natures and become established in desirelessness and renunciation.

– Swami Chidananda

Loving All Beings

July 26, 2015
Question: I heard somewhere that without loving all the living beings we cannot love God. So I just wanted to know, what is the best possible way in which I can love and serve all the living beings?

Radhanath Swami: By loving God. When you water the root of the tree, every part of the tree is nourished by that water. So when we learn how to love God, naturally our love extends to every part of God, which is every living being.

Radhanath Swami


July 17, 2015

I feel, for myself at least, that prayer is perhaps the highest form of sadhana. It combines within itself all the other aspects of the different sides of spiritual practice. Meditation, japa, etc., are combined in it. A prayer of the soul, which your essence really is, is rising to the occasion and craving to unite itself with the Universal Soul in all its expressions.

– Swami Krishnananda


July 15, 2015

The kingdom is only as good as the king.


July 15, 2015

The kingdom is only as good as the king.


July 13, 2015

We are not doing tattva chintan (reflection upon Truth), we are doing vishaya vastu chintan (reflection upon sense-objects). Perpetuating this state of wrong identification is not good for you. You will always be suffering. If we apply the fundamental thesis that adhyasa (wrong identification) is the root cause and determine to oppose it, eradicate it, to say: “I shall certainly not identify myself with this non-Self”, your life will no longer be a slavish following of anger and passion and the other things that come into you. Your life will acquire a certain dignity, depth, serenity, and ultimately it will grow into divinity.

– Swami Chidananda


July 12, 2015

A life of delusion amidst sensuality, money and sense-objects is the pitiful lot of the normal human being. Life is transitory; death is silently staring at you like a venomous serpent with expanded hood, ever ready to strike. Various dire diseases cause much havoc to the body. Youth abandons the body quickly and old age grips it. He alone is saved who makes haste to utilise this precious life in striving to obtain the summum bonum of life through renunciation, discrimination and inquiry. – Swami Chidananda Saraswati

Humanity may, in a very important sense, be regarded as a wholly brainwashed species, indoctrinated from childhood into the prejudices of nationality, groupism, colour-bar, family and language clingings, and the like, of different types. The strange notions of the social norms of communities, the politically dichotomised law and regulations, the credal rules of convenient ideas of rectitude, the civil and criminal systems of parochial judicature, all cut off man from man, nation from nation, group from group, ideology from ideology, and introduce disturbing interpretations of the relation of man to man in the world, though none of these innovations may have any relevance to the ultimate nature of things. – Swami Krishnananda

This is a very superior type of meditation where you regard self-consciousness as the object of meditation. A person who meditates in this manner on the supreme self-consciousness prior to the perception of every kind of object, of even space itself, such a person has freedom to the extent of the realm of self-consciousness. – Swami Krishnananda

A negative, pessimistic attitude of utter condemnation of the world is wrong. But excessive love, being captivated by the beauty of the world, is equally wrong. The truth is somewhere in the middle. – Swami Krishnananda

Muddy Water

July 4, 2015

Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.

Swami Stephen of Northcotisthan

Karma is Charge

July 3, 2015

Karma and spiritual work

In oriental philosophy karma is the total sum of one’s deeds, thoughts and emotions. In the 19th century Western esoteric tradition accepted this attitude. One’s present situation in life is the result of one’s past and present activities.

There are more then one karma: individual karma, family karma, country and nation karmas…If any individual or a group violates the laws of nature they will have to experience the consequences. Simply said, if you do a good work (thoughts, emotions) the result will be good. If you do bad deeds, the result will be bad.

People often ask: If karma is something inevitable or we can change it? Good news is – yes we can change it.There are different methods to release and unload karma. Vijrayana Buddhist tradition teaches that karma can be purified through Buddhist meditation. But generally all spiritual work, which eliminates the charge attains the same goal. So we come to the central point of this post: The quintessence of karma isthe charge (or negative psychic energy) on our experiences. Clearing the charge clears the karma as well!

Thus any kind of spiritual processing which eliminates the charge does the clearing of karma. Evidently, the more efficient method we apply the more clearing we get and the level of liberation is bigger. I gave a simple example in my book „I Chin: the Philosophical Machine“. Say you have a very bad and painful conflict with a person. You consult I Ching asking for most appropriate course of action. You get the answer, I Ching tells you in which situation you are, what is you dominant problem and what to do. Then you do a process on the problem using DP or DP4 or Aspectics…Then you consult I Ching the second time. You get quite different picture of the situation. Why? It should be clear – you are not the same person as before the processing, you removed the charge from the situation!

Finally, you have omission of positive action which burdens karma as well. It is very often met in the spiritual field. You probably heard or red in the books that a person which present him as something which he is not (Teacher, Guru etc) burdens his karma. But the other side of the coin you will rarely find in any book. If someone is able to do some positive act (to help someone who is suffering etc.) and one omit to do that, one will put the charge on his karma as well.


Zivorad Slavenski


July 1, 2015

Beauty is the characteristic of that object which is placed in the proper context of the visualising consciousness. Ugliness is the characteristic of that object which is wrenched out of context. Thus, what makes a thing beautiful or enrapturing or ugly or wretched is the context in which it is beheld, or appreciated. So is the case with yourself and everybody.

Swami Krishnananda